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You Glow Girl - A Social Enterprise To Empower Women


A social enterprise called You Glow Girl was founded in Northern Ireland. You Glow Girl mission is to provide women and girls in Northern Ireland with life opportunities.

By making a purchase from You Glow Girl, you are supporting a cause and empowering women and girls. Their all-female team of employees and volunteers in Belfast creates all of the You Glow Girl goods.

You Glow Girl is one of the most highly competent companies. They are making every effort to finish all of your purchases on time! Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery since they are produced to your exact color and design specifications.

You Glow Girl Charitable Partner GLOW NI

You Glow Girl charitable partner GLOW NI receives a donation of every profit. Girls and women in need are supported by Glow NI all around Northern Ireland. Numerous of the women and young girls Glow NI supports are marginalized members of society.

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Printed by Paula, a former program participant with their charity partner GLOW NI. All sales revenue from their items is contributed to Glow NI, a charity that provides opportunities for women like Paula.

All women and girls, according to You Glow Girl, were made for a reason. Through the special programs offered by Glow NI, they have the chance to find their genuine selves.

This is done by giving people the training and chances they need to reach their full potential and giving them the skills and knowledge they need to deal with any mental health problems or other problems.

Although Glow NI is their primary charity partner, they also support other Northern Ireland nonprofits. By providing things like care packages or other essentials, they support other organizations.

Menstruation Matters Campaign By You Glow Girl

Menstruation Matters is a line that You GLOW Girl created in collaboration with the Homeless Period Belfast.The Homeless Period Belfast is a relentless organization that works to reduce period poverty, normalize the talk about menstruation, and provide period kits to those in need.

Do support them. You are doing more than just supporting local women and girls by buying HPB merchandise when you do so. As two period products or a packet of underwear will be provided with every HPB item purchased, you are also providing them with essential period supplies.

Working with local communities in Northern Ireland, "We Care At You Glow Girl" supports important causes. In addition to many other local charities, they partner with GLOW NI, which supports disadvantaged women and girls in Northern Ireland, and Homeless Period Belfast on their "Menstruation Matters!" campaign.

People Also Ask

Why Was You Go Girl Founded?

You GLOW Girl was founded to provide women in Northern Ireland with opportunities in life. It is empowering women through its creative campaigns.

Who Is You Go Girl's Charity Partner?

You Glow Girl's charity partner is GLOW NI. GLOW NI was started in 2011 to help women and young girls in Northern Ireland find their GLOW and give them the power to do so.

What Are Some Of The You Glow Girl Products?

  • Women's clothing.
  • Homeless Period Belfast.
  • Children's Clothing.
  • Workwear bundles.


Keep an eye on You Glow Girl shop and social media as they keep collaborating with a range of charities to learn about any recent partnerships that you can support OR that can be helpful for you in the near future.

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