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Time To Get Thirstier With The New Instagram QA Stories Feature


Time to get thirstier with the new Instagram QA stories feature. Instagram has added a new question-and-answer feature that encourages users to utilize Stories to communicate with their friends.

Its name is the "Questions Sticker," and it was accessible on iOS and Android as part of Instagram version 52.

Users can ask their followers things like "what are you doing tonight?" or "where should I go on vacation" by selecting the "questions" sticker after taking a picture or a video.

The user decides which comments they wish to make public on their articles, but everyone who watches the story can submit one.

A user can accomplish this by just tapping on the selected response, which generates a new story that includes both the question and the selected answer. The username and picture of the respondent won't be displayed.

The polling sticker on Instagram, in which users ask their friends a question and then require them to select from predetermined replies, is different from the "Questions Sticker".

Since Snapchat invented stories as a means to tell your friends what you're doing that night with a 10-second video, they have advanced significantly. Facebook, the parent firm of Instagram, is now keen to make users' default method of sharing everything, not just images and videos, but Stories.

Instagram Questions And Answers Feature Tutorial

It is time to get thirstier with the new Instagram QA stories feature. Let's discuss how to use this fantastic feature.

The process is as follows:

  • You launch a Q&A on your Instagram Story using the Question tool.
  • People who view your Instagram Story can type their inquiries right from the screen of your Instagram Story.
  • When you swipe up on your "Question Story" screen (which we'll demonstrate below), you'll see all the questions that people have.
  • You can select a question and decide which one to respond to.
  • Your response can be typed and posted to your Instagram Story.
  • Your response and the question someone asked (without revealing their username) will be visible to everyone who is watching your Instagram Story.

Instagram Q&A Ideas

You can ask these questions:

  • What do you like about ?
  • Which product is your favorite, and why?
  • In 2022, what do you hope to see from us?

People Also Ask

How Do You Make A Question Box On Instagram Stories?

  • Open Instagram Stories first, then select a photo or video to upload.
  • The Sticker Tray will then open after you tap the Sticker symbol.
  • Type your unique question into the Questions Sticker.
  • Within your Story, place your sticker.

How Do You Use Q And A Feature On Instagram?

People can tap the sticker in your story and input a question to ask you once you publish the sticker to your Instagram story. Then, during a live Q&A with your followers, you can respond to the questions that were posted on your Instagram story. The question sticker should be posted on your Instagram story.

Are Q And As On Instagram Anonymous?

No. If you use Instagram, you may have seen people inviting you to answer questions in their so-called anonymous Stories. But everyone is aware that Instagram users can see who views their Stories, and that any responses you submit to official Instagram polls or Q&A boxes are linked to your identity.


Time to get thirstier with the new Instagram QA stories feature. The question sticker is intended to "spark conversations" with your pals, not merely to showcase what you're up to. Instagram Stories, which debuted in August 2016, now has 400 million daily active users.

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