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The Rules Of Beer Pong That You Should Know To Score Better


If you are a fan of the Beer Pong game, you probably want to know more about it. Here are all the details and the rules of beer ponggame. Beer Pong, sometimes known as Beirut, is a fun drinking game to play with friends or at events.

How To Play Beer Pong?

  • A ping pong ball is thrown across a table, aiming towards one of the opponents' cups, by four players in two teams.
  • Players from the team who scored first are required to drink the cup's contents when a ball is sunk into it.
  • That team has won once, and every cup on the opposing side has been emptied.

Beer Pong House Rules

Here are some of the rules of beer pong to help you while playing this game with others.


Until someone breaks the rule, the elbow rule is typically unspoken. Your elbows must remain behind the edge of the table when shooting.


During the game, either side may ask for the cups of the other team to be re-formed. At the beginning of their turn, each team is permitted to do this twice per game. Neither during "rollbacks" nor during a "redemption round" may you request a re-formation.

How to Play Beer Pong | Drinking Games

Bounce Shots & Swatting

Two cups are taken away if your ball bounces off the table rather than entering a cup. Two cups: the one you sunk and one more of the defender's choosing. The bounce shot will only knock out the last remaining cup if there are only two cups left.


When both partners place their balls in the same cup, it is known as an explosion. All cups that were in contact with the cup that sank will likewise be taken away. This rule can be altered so that only three cups are taken out.

People Also Ask

Are You Allowed To Bounce The Ball In Beer Pong?

The ball can bounce or go straight into the cup, but there are some house rules that you should know. The game keeps going until one team doesn't have any more cups. The game is won by the team that still has cups.

How Do You Score In Beer Pong?

The first team to get rid of all of the other team's cups wins. If two people on the same team get the ball into the same cup of the other team, their team automatically wins. Most of the time, the winning team stays at the table and plays a new team in the next game.

What Is The Roll Back Rule In Beer Pong?

A common house rule says that if a team makes both shots during its turn, the game "rolls back," giving each player on that team another chance to shoot. In the World Series of Beer Pong, you can only "roll back" one ball, so you can only make up to three cups per turn.


By using one of the rules of beer pong, you can decide who will start the game. The rule is "Eyes". If it's the first game of the night, "Eyes" decides who gets the first shot.

This is when a player from each team shoots the ball while keeping his or her eyes on the other team's player the whole time. If both players miss or both players make, their partners take a shot. This keeps happening until one person gets it and the other person doesn't.

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