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Know The Naked Truth With The Gibbs Sisters


Buying a new beauty item can make you nervous, and that's to be expected. Although it's easy to just keep buying your tried-and-true favorites, you might feel compelled to branch out and give some of the newer items your favorite beauty bloggers have been praising a try.

Gabs and Chi Gibbs, a.k.a. the Gibbs Sisters, reviewed the newest makeup line from Nars Orgasm in an in-depth and frank video. Here's the naked truth with the Gibbs sisters.

Naked Truth With the Gibbs Sisters

The Nars Orgasm Collection

NARS expanded its Orgasm Collection with all new products.

You can shop the collection at Sephora and NARS Cosmetics.

  • Orgasm ($40) Blush comes in a massive compact case in a metallic rose color.
  • Highlighter in liquid form ($30) a dropper-style luminizer with a sheer sheen
  • lip tint with oil ($26) oil for the lips that can be used to change their color, giving them a rosy sheen
  • Exhaustive Orgasmic Palette (Nearly) Costing Fifty Dollars There are six satiny creams, each with a different amount of shimmer for an extremely dewy look, that may be applied to the eyelids, lips, and cheeks.

NARS has occasionally added new products to its Orgasm line throughout the years, but recently, they unveiled a stunning collection called the NARS Orgasm Collection for Summer 2018. The NARS Orgasm Collection now has twelve products in total, including variations of the potent Super Orgasm, in addition to the three new products.

NARS Orgasm Collection
NARS Orgasm Collection

François Nars explains how Orgasm came to be to Allure: "I actually first invented the word, then the shade – I wanted something shocking." He adds that the amount of success is something he could never have predicted. Nevertheless, moniker aside, there's no disputing that the blush's secret lies in the fact that it genuinely complements almost every skin tone beautifully.

The pink color and subtle shimmer gives you a natural flush, he explains. I designed Orgasm Blush the same way I design all my colors — it just so happened that Nars fans fell in love. I want to give products a character and an identity, Nars continues. I want people to remember the names, and you can’t forget this one.- François Nars

Beauty places a certain amount of weight on what's new, now, and next—more so than most sectors. Who knows if we'll still be contouring in 2030? - but makeup fads and fan favorites seem to enjoy their 15 minutes of glory before quietly fading into obscurity.

But if you ask anyone (really anyone) who has ever entered a Sephora, their eyes will light up when you mention a tiny blush shade by the name of Orgasm. In case you needed a quick history lesson, François Nars created the classic peachy-pink shade in 1999. It has gold flecks throughout.

Orgasm Blush 2019

The industry's most popular and recognizable cheek colors are offered by NARS, the top authority on blush, giving skin a healthy-looking flush that instantly brightens the complexion and complements every skin tone. Iconic colors come in a variety of transparent, natural tones, each with a little pink undertone for a dewy-looking blush to enhance the skin.

NARS Orgasm Blush
NARS Orgasm Blush

Application is incredibly gentle and blendable thanks to matte and shimmering silky, ultrafine micronized powder pigments. Even the strongest tints can be applied lightly to achieve a natural-looking blush. Soft, buildable colors produce a variety of effects, from ultra-sheer to strong color pops.

This limited edition larger version of NARS Orgasm Blush costs £30 for 8 grams compared to the original's £24 price tag for 3.5 grams. When NARS Orgasm first debuted in 1999, it was intended to be a universally flattering shade for everyone. However, upon release, it immediately sold out, and NARS was unable to maintain a supply.

Described as a peachy pink with a golden sheen, Orgasm is a hue that has been imitated by countless brands due to its immense popularity; however, nothing beats the original, and this mega size is the ideal addition to the collection of any makeup lover.

Liquid Highlighter

NARS Orgasm Liquid Highlighter
NARS Orgasm Liquid Highlighter

The Orgasm Liquid Highlighter is a brand-new item. It has a warm rose gold shimmer in the bottle, but it looks more neutral on my skin since the sparkles stand out more.

The highlighter comes with a dropper and has a similar shape as the Orgasm Liquid Blush, however it is much sheerer. It has a highly fluid, thin feel. You can get a very attractive sparkly soft glow by dabbing one drop on your skin with your fingers.

Afterglow Lip Balm

NARS Afterglow Lip Balm
NARS Afterglow Lip Balm

This Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm is a beautiful and opulent-looking packaging. If I had to choose just one NARS Orgasm Collection product to suggest, it would be this one because it is unquestionably my favorite.

Although it does translate somewhat pinker on the lips than it does in the bullet, the gorgeous rose gold color of the casing complements the lip balm's rose gold tint. Any skin tone would look good wearing this hue because it may be applied lightly with one swipe or more strongly with a few swipes.

Endless Orgasm Palette

NARS Endless Orgasm Palette
NARS Endless Orgasm Palette

There are a total of six cream shimmers, all of which are sheer and emollient, resulting in a very dewy appearance. These creams have an extremely slippery texture.

The products are so creamy that they make your skin feel like it's wet. With proper powder layering, the product remained in place for five to six hours inside. Pearl, rose mauve, pink, pastel pink, copper, and rosy gold shimmer are among the colors available.

Illuminating Loose Powder

NARS Loose powder
NARS Loose powder

It comes in a clear plastic container with a rubberized black plastic container and sifter dispenser, and it contains a stunning loose powder blush and highlighter combination. It would look fantastic added to a spray bottle of body lotion or body spray to create a lovely shine to the body because the powder is really finely milled and shiny.

Who Are The Gibbs Sisters?

Alyssa and Gabs Gibbs have been in the spotlight since they were children, as the children of celebrities Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga. These two ladies have grown into two equally classy and lovable ladies, and their close sisterly bond is what makes them most endearing. Check out their fashionable twinning moments.

Gibbs sisters wearing retro fashionable looks
Gibbs sisters wearing retro fashionable looks

Both of them usually love to rock fashionable dresses and makeup.

Gibbs sisters wearing sparkly dresses and jewelry
Gibbs sisters wearing sparkly dresses and jewelry

Here, they are both rocking sparkly dresses, ready for a night out.

Gibbs sisters with their parents Janno and Bing
Gibbs sisters with their parents Janno and Bing

They are also both very close to their parents, Janno and Bing.


This collection is gorgeous but a bit pricey. Have you seen this collection yet? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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