Makeup Brands That Unearth the Minimalist Beauty Gal in You

Makeup Brands That Unearth the Minimalist Beauty Gal in You

Skin is in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup anymore. In fact, a person’s makeup skills are challenged by this new trend because, a. it means your skin needs to be in almost perfect condition, and b. You need all the essential skills to make skin look like skin despite using 50 thousand and one products on your face. It’s pretty fun, actually.

To help you get started on this new beauty gal venture, here’s a list of makeup brands you can trust for the minimalist of all minimal makeup brands. AKA, makeup brands that appeal to serious beauty gals who want to look effortlessly pretty AF.


Perhaps the pioneer of the ~skin is in~ trend comeback is Glossier. Ever since they launched the brand, they’ve convinced everyone that all you need is a skin tint, well-groomed brows, and flushed lips and cheeks to make you look fresh. It’s just right that they come first in this list.


Nudestix’ branding has made girls fall in love with sticks–whether it’s a concealer, eyeshadow, bronzer, or blush, and foundation. Their products come with aluminum tins too, so you get a bang for your buck.

Bite beauty

Bite beauty is named as such because all their products are FDA-approved, meaning you can eat them. Although we only recommend that you do this when you’re only in a desert island without any food or water nearby. Ha! Aside from this, their lipsticks and multi-sticks are ultra-pigmented.

Lilah B

Lilah B is a high-end makeup brand that champions ”with less, you are more.” Yes, beauty can be simple, and with their pebble-like packaging and ultra balmy products, you’ll believe it.

Thrive Causemetics

Aside from being minimal and natural, what we love most about this brand is that when you buy one product, you also give to another woman who needs it but can’t afford it.


Started by none other than fashion icon Linda Rodin who’s a self-confessed beauty minimalist, this beauty brand champions skincare beauty items and Linda’s signature beauty look–a bold lip.

RMS beauty

We love RMS beauty because it’s a brand that uses natural ingredients in their purest form and packaging that is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. In a nutshell, this is a brand that’s both good for your skin and mother Earth.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary uses clinical ingredients so you know it’s backed up by science. Their focus is skincare but they have 2 base products people are raving about–serum foundation and coverage foundation. However, we heard they’re coming out with watercolors, so that’s pretty exciting too! Also, despite it’s cool, minimal packaging, it’s actually really affordable.

Now that you have this list of minimal makeup brands, remember that everything still depends on your skin type, technique, application, and to be totally honest, the amount of product you use. Build your makeup in layers so you don’t go overboard. Remember, you don’t want to give them a clue that you’re wearing makeup.

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