Lesha Litonjua’s ‘Two Faced’ EP Is A Classy Comeback To Fake Friends

Lesha Litonjua’s ‘Two Faced’ EP Is A Classy Comeback To Fake Friends

Early last year, we at /ESCAPE laid our eyes on a pink-haired beauty that’s been making musical waves online. Interested to know more and get to know the up-and-coming musician, we invited her to be one of our fabulous SceneZoned girls. It wasn’t long after that that she graced the stage of Palace Pool Club and opened for Kiiara during #AYearOfESCAPE. After we caught news of her singing alongside Joe Jonas and DNCE, we made sure to keep an even closer eye on Lesha Litonjua. Today, she’sserving us a full on meal through her brand new EP, Two Faced.

We’re first served with dessert, because who doesn’t like breaking the rules? A music video for I Saw U Broken has surfaced, and we watched it closely, over and over again. Featuring all the elements of a true Lesha video, it’s cinematic, young, and fun to watch. See for yourself below before reading about the lit young singer’s take on fun with fake friends.

Our melodic appetizer is her single “Two Faced”. After going straight to the source and having a fiery chat with Lesha herself, we discover what the song is truly about. “I wanted to write an ‘anthem’ for everyone who is just so sick of fake people.”, Lesha tells us and laughs as she continues,The song Two Faced perfectly captured that emotion as I wrote about ‘friends’ who were just never really there for me, except of course when they wanted to take advantage of me.” In this day and age, it’s very hard to find real friendssomething the artist claims to perpetually deal with. “The betrayal is real”.

The main course, of course, is the full EP. For the young singer it acts as a “compilation of stories, experiences, and life lessons [she’s] encountered with different people.” Music, like any other art, is a form of release for her; writing a song is similar to a diary entry. With music as one of her escapes, getting lost within a song must feel like bliss. I tend to pour out my true unfiltered emotions through my songs and, for a moment, it all just becomes about the music.”

It’s a dish served with seven key componentswith my personal favorite being ‘Wished U Were Dead! Prior to hearing the songs themselves, you’ll be entertained with witty song titles that obviously take jabs at people. For example, ‘I Saw U Broken’ is about heartbreak. “In every relationship, at one point you both believe in the concept of forever”. Lesha starts to explain, her words already making us thinkoh no, here it comes. She continues, telling us about the eventual downfall of romance and how, despite everything, you should keep your head up. “As you choose to move on, you get to realise that other person may still be immature and incapable of fighting for the relationshipbut most importantly, you also open your eyes to more opportunities that life has to offer.”

It was a very therapeutic process for the sweet-talking singer, who opened up and got very real with us. “I went through stages of being extremely frustrated, angry and in-denial. I was at the verge of falling into depression”. Waking up hours ahead of class simply to brainstorm ideas and turn misery into melody, she was surrounded by her true friends, some of whom collaborated with her on ‘Two Faced’

When we first met her, we’d described Lesha as a sweet girl-next-door. Evidently, things have changed. “I’m still the same person you guys met back then because that’s genuinely how I really am and will always be”, she argues before admitting, “but I did grow wiser as I faced different triumphs throughout the year”. With one final say on the entire matter, we go back to the topic of two-faced fake friends. “The moment people started taking advantage of my kindness just makes me sick. The best way I can express my disgust and unfiltered feelings is through the way I know bestmy music”. If that’s the case, we’re in for a lot of great music in the near future.

Two Faced is available on Spotify and Apple Music now! Go ahead and give it a listen!

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