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How To Start Incorporating Filipino Prints Into Your Wardrobe?


How to start incorporating Filipino prints into your wardrobe? Most fashionable ladies have worn Filipino print for a very long time, and it frequently appears on runways all around the world.

Filipino print is trendy on anything from a bag to a pair of pants to a dress to a jacket to a pair of shoes! So how to start incorporating Filipino prints into your wardrobe?

How To Choose The Ideal Filipino Print Clothing For You

Determine what pattern of style you want before you go out to the store to buy Filipino print clothing. Stores are now covered in Filipino prints, which can be overpowering.

Instead of sifting through endless racks of clothing in utter confusion, it will be simpler to enter a store knowing what kind of Filipino print item you are looking for.

Look For Current Filipino Prints In Your Closet First

Check your wardrobe for any Filipino print items you already own before purchasing or considering any Filipino print fashion available online or in stores. Since Filipino print is a fad that comes and goes, chances are you already have some items that you've been itching to wear again.


To find inspiration for ways to wear Filipino print with your current wardrobe, visit Pinterest. You can see how other people are wearing the trend this season on Pinterest. Posts range from those with just a hint of animal print to those covered head to toe in it!

Consider What Kinds Of Filipino Print Clothing You Will Actually Wear

If you're not sure if you'll wear an expensive, trendy Filipino print piece, you shouldn't go out and get it. Everybody has a different sense of style; some are more progressive and aspirational in their choices, while others are more reserved and conventional.

Think about if you would wear a Filipino print belt, bag, pair of shoes, a printed pair of pants, or perhaps a matching two-piece outfit. Identifying your style before going shopping will help you avoid buying something you won't ever wear.

Yellow, blue, and red Filipino printed short dress
Yellow, blue, and red Filipino printed short dress

Check Out The Selection Of Filipino Prints

Once you've decided on the Filipino print style you desire, browse your favorite retailers' online selection to see what prints and designs they have to offer.

Different Filipino print clothing and accessories will be available at each store. Shopping will be simpler and less stressful if you already know which stores carry the items you're looking for.

People Also Ask

How Do You Style Prints?

  • A minimum of accessories, complementary colors and shapes, and attention to size are all important.
  • Stick to no more than two different kinds of prints, like floral, monochrome, contrasting, and so on.
  • Select a print in a dominant color.

Is It OK To Mix Patterns?

Maintain the same tone and color scheme. Pairing two designs with complementary colors is what makes pattern mixing work. Additionally, while combining patterns, match tones. If you don't want your bold print to overpower your neutral pattern, pair neutrals with other neutrals and bold prints with other bold patterns.

How Do You Mix Different Prints?

  • Look for a common color.
  • Look through your closet for prints to combine together that are in the same color family or color scheme.
  • Harmony is made by wearing different sizes of the same design or putting together the same designs in opposite colors.
  • Incorporate solids and neutrals.


How to start incorporating Filipino prints into your wardrobe? It's time to consider how to incorporate popular Filipino patterns into your wardrobe once you've found the things you want to include to suit your style and way of life. There are a few easy ways to incorporate the current Filipino print trend into your wardrobe.

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