Everything That Happened So Far This 2019

Everything That Happened So Far This 2019

Is it just us or does 2018 suddenly feel like such a distant memory? Some pretty crazy & unexpected things happened in the span of those 12 months making it ~the year of the shookening~.

But even with all those memories seemingly impossible to forget, 2019 is right here, bringing us unexpected happenings left and right. Don’t believe us? Here’s a rundown of things that have transpired over the last 4 days (yep, just 4 days!) into the year.

Kim K and Paris Hilton Are Friends Again


One thing to leave behind in 2018? Grudges and unresolved conflict. Take it from Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. If you aren’t exactly in the know as to what happened between these two, here’s the TLDR version ; Kim used to work for Paris and they were actually pretty close. Drama, drama, drama. Passive aggressiveness here and there and now, here we are.

You know what they say, it isn’t official until it’s up on the ‘gram. Don’t they look genuinely happy? We love us an iconic duo and we can’t wait for what’s in-store for these two.

Also, Kim K is Expecting Another Baby

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The best!!!!

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The twist : it’s happening via a surrogate. Not that it’s a huge surprise as Kim has openly talked about her struggle getting pregnant on KUWTK a couple of times. We’re excited for another Kardashian baby!


Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Eve Party

We all have that one person in our social circle we wish we got close to enough so we’d get invited to all their shindigs. Taylor Swift is the perfect embodiment of that person because really, no one makes us wish we were part of ‘that clique’ the way Taytay can! Famous for her envy-worth get togethers, here she is, at it again with her New Year’s Eve party graced by the presence of her OG squad and some fresh faces.

Ariana Grande’s Performing At Coachella


We recently talked about how Ariana Grande went from almost dangerously irrelevant to a real queen and by the looks of it, there’s no stopping her. It has just been confirmed that Ariana will be performing at Coachella a.k.a. THE most awaited annual music festival.

Careless Music Manila AKA The Next Big Thing In OPM


We’ve seen local artists work hard on their craft to step up and give us the music we all deserve. Big things are on their way, as some of the most sought after local music icons of today have come together with Careless Music Manila – a music label of their own. Guess we’re really starting the year on a high note!


We’re not even halfway through the month yet. Any big things coming along your way? Share it with us in the comments!


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