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Everything That Happened So Far In 2019 - Significant Events


The global scene has been very active in 2019. The news has been dominated by a continuous stream of summits, crises, and protests. Everything that happened so far in 2019 is given below. You should carefully read what comes next.

Crazy Things That Happened In 2019

Here is everything that happened so far in 2019.

The US-North Korea Nuclear Talks Were Stalled

On June 30, Donald Trump made history when he entered North Korea for the first time as the president of the United States. Four months after their summit in Hanoi, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un met in the Demilitarized Zone.

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Neither meeting led to much advancement. The two nations didn't agree on the substance of the discussions until October 1, but just hours after they did, North Korea launched a ballistic missile in defiance of UN resolutions. On October 5, the parties engaged in negotiations, but after eight hours there was no resolution.

Brexit Reconfigured British Politics

Brexit-related confusion in the UK concluded the year with clarity, but it was a difficult road to go. The country had a March 29 deadline to leave the European Union before the year began (EU).

That time was chosen by Prime Minister Theresa May, but she was unable to convince the House of Commons to ratify the agreement she reached with the EU. The main point of disagreement was the "backstop" clause, which stopped a customs barrier from being built in the middle of the Irish Sea but forced Britain to follow EU rules.

The US-China Trade War Happened

President Donald Trump stated in a tweet from March 2018 that "trade wars are wonderful and easy to win." With his trade war with China, it hasn't happened thus far.

In an effort to give bargainers more time, Trump postponed enacting a fresh round of tariffs on Chinese imports in February. He decided that the talks had stopped going anywhere in May, so he put in place a new set of tariffs.

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Conflicts In The Persian Gulf

On many occasions in 2019, it seemed like war in the Persian Gulf would break out. A percent of the world's oil goes through the Strait of Hormuz, where four commercial ships were assaulted in May while docked nearby.

Iran has denied being "directly responsible" for the assaults, which the United States claimed it was. With assistance from Iran, Houthi fighters downed a US drone in Yemen on June 6. A U.S. drone was shot down by Iran two weeks later after the United States was accused of violating Iranian airspace.

The Amazon Fire

Global action has not yet been sparked by mounting evidence of global warming. Brazil is a prime example. For decades, loggers and farmers have been removing and burning the Amazon rainforest in order to develop crops and graze cattle.

A region roughly the size of New Jersey was burned by the 80,000 fires that were started in 2019, the most in a decade. As the size of the fires became clear, people who didn't like Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said that his policies allowed or even encouraged the destruction of the rainforest.

People Also Ask

What Happened In The World In 2019?

The U.S. women's soccer team won the World Cup, protesters in Hong Kong clashed with police, an 850-year-old church in Paris caught fire, and President Donald Trump became the third president in American history to be impeached. These are just a few of the most notable occasions in 2019.

What Was The Biggest Story Of 2019?

  • Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire.
  • Dorian, a hurricane, struck the Bahamas.
  • In Christchurch's mosque shooting, dozens of people died.
  • Trump's presidency was dissolved.
  • Gunshot death in El Paso, Texas.
  • The US was in danger from Hurricane Dorian.

What Happened In The UK In 2019?

Since people couldn't agree on the best way to leave the EU, there was a lot of political unrest throughout the year. This culminated in the 2019 general election, which was won by the pro-Brexit Conservative party.


Everything that happened so far in 2019 is given above. But there are some more events that happened in 2019.

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