Have you ever felt so hyped after listening all-day to a #GirlPower playlist that you announce to everybody that you’re changing your ways and you’re finally unleashing that inner glow up you’ve been postponing for a long while?


Well, these are the baby steps that could help you get to the peak of being a strong and independent woman and which brow styles you can rock as you get through it.

1. Step out of your comfort zone

Do something that you have never done before and even something that you think you really can’t handle. Test yourself and who knows, you might see a version of yourself that you never know existed.

Brow style that matches this fierce decision: Feathered brows

2. Stand up for what you believe is right

No matter what other people say about you and your views, stand firm on your decisions and just let them be. After all, an independent woman doesn’t need validation.

Brow style you can depend on: Straight brows

3. Put yourself first

It’s not being selfish at all. What’s more selfish is people demanding things from you. You don’t owe anyone a dang thing so prioritize yourself and focus on achieving your goals””but just make sure that while you’re at it, you’re not dragging anyone down on purpose because that too is very uncool.

Brow style to prove your point: Bold brows

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4. Believe in yourself

No one knows you better than yourself so why not trust yourself first before expecting people to appreciate? In the first place, you can’t show off whatever talent you have if you don’t have self-confidence and courage.

Brow style you can still definitely rock: Natural brows

Talking about all things bold and beautiful, Benefit Cosmetics just #BoldIsBeautiful, their newest campaign wherein every peso raised from Benefit’s brow wax services for the whole month of May will go to a local charity that benefits women. Here in the Philippines, they partnered with a charity that provides affordable, innovative and quality education to children from low-income families.

Bold move, right? Well the great thing about this is that you can help. By simply availing two brow wax services, you can provide two weeks’ worth of schooling for one girl. It’s such a win-win “Ëœcause you get to have an on-fleek brows while helping out another girl in need.