Zero Waste Habits To Live By

Zero Waste Habits To Live By

Let’s be honest, school and work keep us too occupied even if we really want to join volunteer work or public activities that promote local environmental advocacies like clean up drives and planting programs. So we thought of the small things you can do instead that can make a big impact and contribute to saving our environment.

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  1. Say no to plastic utensils – Plastic utensils are some of the biggest contributing items to plastic waste. The best way to help out is when you have food delivered to your home, school, or office, it would be better to advise the restaurant that they can opt not to provide plastic utensils.
  2. As much as you can, just ditch the straw. – A lot of metal straws are now made available and can easily be bought anywhere.
  3. Print on papers back to back. – Whether it’s at school or in the office, we’re all guilty that somehow we just print carelessly. Make it a point to print back to back, it saves you a lot more paper.
  4. Keep foldable eco bags. – Nowadays foldable eco bags have been made available. Always have one in your bag, so you don’t have to get plastic and paper bags when you go to the grocery or when shopping for clothes.
  5. Have a water bottle. – Bringing with you a water bottle lessens buying plastic bottled water and having to use plastic and paper cups.
  6. Donate old clothes. – Nowadays online shopping has been very rampant. This causes us with a lot of clothing waste. Don’t just throw away old clothes, donate them instead. If you’re looking at a place to donate, check out
  7. CLAYGO – Out of everything in the list, this is probably the easiest one you can do. You might see a lot of CLAYGO signs in food parks or food courts, it basically means Clean As You GO.
  8. Bring your own containers during grocery shopping. – Whenever we do our grocery shopping, most of the time we are given plastic bags for meat and vegetables. To avoid this, bring your own reusable containers, it doesn’t add any cost and you get to help save the environment.

Easy, right? The smallest things can have a huge impact if done by everybody. Got anymore environment saving tips? Comment them down below. We’re definitely here to listen!


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