Your February 2019 Horoscope Is Here!

Your February 2019 Horoscope Is Here!

Aside from the bustle of love month, expect a lot of chaos thanks to Pluto and Mars (both war-freak planets) to cross paths. It won’t be all smooth sailing for everyone. As the official trial month of the year (a.k.a. January) is over, it’s all about getting even more settled with 2019. Here’s your February 2019 Horoscope!


Your stars will be greatly affected by this whole Pluto and Mars thing but you have to remember to keep your chill. Communication is key right now so you can accomplish your goals. As for love, it’s all thumbs up for you and your partner. If you lack one, go talk to people in your dating radar, the odds are in your favor.


It’s easy to get into an argument with your partner, especially since you’re oh-so hardwilled, Tau! They say that forgiveness is a great form of love, so just pick your battles and let things go for you to get a step towards forever! If you’re not in a relationship/in a platonic one, GO CLEAR THINGS OUT FOR YOUR SAKE.


While everyone is in the whole love month-feels of February, we recommend you focus on yourself this month. We’re not banning you from your partner this February, it’s just this month is your time to bloom. Pick-up on those passion projects you never finished, go take a day off for your mental health, etc. This month should be all about you!


Just like Gemini, this is the month for you to enjoy yourself, with or without your partner. February 2019 is all about letting the nega things go so you can make space for better things, better work relationships, better lover(s)!


Get ready to be bitten by the love bug, Leo! Single or partnered, this month is going to be so good for you — especially in terms of your romantic relationships. We can’t tell if it’s for now or forever but we do recommend that you just enjoy the moment right now!


SIS, TURN UP THE A/C BC IT’S GONNA GET HOT IN HERE! Go and take that risk because your crush just might be eyeing you, too! All the planets are aligning for you to have the most romantic February ever, all you need to do is take the leap and fall deep in love.


As an air sign, communication is your love language and communication is a huge part of this whole month. If you’re in a relationship, talk to your partner openly as much as possible to unlock forever. If you’re untied, prepare to celebrate the 14th with someone unexpected.


Drama is in the works for you this month of love. Just like everyone, communication is twisted but it is also the key out of the mess. We recommend you spend February 2019 on your own because self-love is what’s most important to you right now. If you have a partner, it’s alright to spend it with him/her but this whole month should be about you!


Born a fighter, you have to remember how to pick your fights, Sag! Some people are not worth your energy and some things are not worth fighting for the longer you take a look at them. If FBO, everyday is Valentines for you this month! We see fire, love, and a lot of fun for you and your partner. If you’re solo, it’s time to clear up the fuccbois and look for someone you deserve!


As one network puts it, family is love. While there are a lot of issues brewing up in your household, always remember that you can’t pick your family. Put them at the center of your February 2019. Single, taken, or in a weird patch, the 14th will just be meh for you unlike the other signs.


The month will build up for you to have inspiration and confidence to take the center stage in all aspects of your life. For Vday, we recommend for you and your partner to dodge the traffic and stress of getting a reservation from a resto and just chill and stay in. There are a lot of days for you two to enjoy each other this month!


It’s time to embrace yourself with or without a partner. This February 2019 is all about your well-being. Go ahead and date yourself on the 14th or anytime you’re free. Realign your goals and rethink your relationships. This month is about you loving yourself!

Comment down below on how you plan to spend this month filled with love!

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