Your Chinese New Year Outfit Starter Pack

Your Chinese New Year Outfit Starter Pack

Unlike the traditional new year, the Chinese New Year is celebrated based on the moon and the star’s exact movement and not on the calendar’s dates. CNY is held on the second new moon before the March equinox, or the second new moon after the December solstice, which makes it land on a different day every year. However, while the dates often shift to and fro, one thing is for certain: expect a huge party!

And just like the typical new year, your threads are important in making sure that you step into the year of the pig on the right foot. We’re entering the year of the Earth Pig this 2019 and overall, pigs symbolize wealth and prosperity so it should be a good year ahead for all of us. Here’s how you can get all the luck for this coming CNY.

Load up on the Bling

You’d also want to wear accessories with gold, gems, or pearls to attract money and wealth. Plastic and faux jewelry should stay in your drawer this time because you want the real stuff to actually attract the spirits! Make sure to bling up as you party on Skytek’s beats at XYLO while enjoying your favorite Moet Hennessy this CNY.

Red, Duh.

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Watering plants 🌱

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This color is a staple in every Chinese New Year. Red is meant to attract luck and happiness by your side as we enter the year of the pig this 2019! If you have nothing red hanging in your wardrobe, might we recommend a pair of bold red sneakers or a raunchy red lip for a change? Definitely perfect for Revel’s celebrations this Saturday!

Lucky Colors: Yellow, Gray, Brown

Since this is the earth pig, the colors yellow, gray, and brown are the colors that super charge 2019’s star zodiac. Go crazy on these colors as you start CNY saying yes to all opportunities at Yes Please!

Bring out the Good Undies

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Angel wings these are not.

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You’ve probably heard that during new year’s eve, wearing red underwear will bring you love and yellow or gold will bring you wealth; that’s all true even this CNY. However, make sure that your undies are free from holes, stains, and are (ideally) brand new especially when the beat drops at BAD for all the luck this CNY!

Add a Tropical Hint

If you have clothes that have a hint of pineapple prints or orange patterns on it, GO WEAR IT! While these are staples on a lucky dinner table, for the CNY you can also wear them for luck. Pineapples are said to bring luck if you’re gambling (casinos or simply taking a risk in life) and oranges symbolize the rising sun, making it a symbol of abundance and happiness. Try out this ensemble on The Island for CNY!

See you this Saturday for a fun and luck-filled celebration!


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