Your 90s Icons, Where Are They Now?

Your 90s Icons, Where Are They Now?

You grew up with them and every time you see memes about these 90s shows, you can’t help but feel nostalgic. However, in the middle of high school and just growing up, their shows got cancelled and you never really heard from them after that.

Did they die? Are they coming back to the big screen? What are they doing now?! Thank god for social media, we got the answer to all of these questions! Read on to see where our fave 90s icons are now!

1. Hilary Duff

Lizzie McGuire is now a mom of two! She also confirmed that she drank her baby’s placenta because science says its good for you #okay. This 90s icon looks just as young as she was in her Disney days, maybe that placenta is the secret to eternal life?! She’s a totally cool Pinterest tita, just check out her IG!

2. Alicia Silverstone

What do you do after you’ve become one of the most iconic movie characters of all time? Turn into a classy mom that helps protect the world! Currently 42, our fave Clueless star is now a mom, and entrepreneur. #HamptonMomVibes

3. Freddie Prinze Jr.

If you didn’t have a crush on him when he starred in the Scooby-Doo movies, you’re a liar. Freddie is still married to Sara Michelle Gellar because #TrueLoveIsReal you guys! Now in their 15 years of marriage, the couple has two fabulous kids (Rocky and Charlotte!)

4. Christie Carlson Romano

The voice of Kim Possible and the eldest of the Even Stevens Family, Christie is now enjoying motherhood with baby #2 coming up! (Just like Hilary Duff!)

5. Steve Burns


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2018 is exceedingly cool so far. #glacier #rocks #ice #glacialiceinmywhiskey #beyondartisnal

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After some bogus news that he was dead, Steve from Blue’s Clues had to change his IG name into “@steveburnsalive” LOL. After the success of Blues Clues, this 90s icon pursued his love for music. Currently, he travels around the world! He also gave the Blues Clues crown to Filipino actor Joshua Dela Cruz! Yup! We’re about to have a Filipino Blue’s Clues main character!

6. Macaulay Culkin

FYI, this Home Alone star actually got married when he was 18 to actress Rachel Miner but they split in 2002. He went out of the public eye and was rumored to have a messy lifestyle ala-Lindsey Lohan. Luckily this 90s icon is cleaning up his act and is back working in Hollywood. Waiting for a Home Alone comeback? Don’t count on it! This actor has outgrown the movie franchise!

7. Matt LeBlanc

How you doin? Is a 90s line everyone loves thanks to this guy. Since FRIENDS ended in 2004, he’s been hosting Top Gear, Episodes, and appearing on a lot of BBC shows. If you’re having a huge case of sepanx from FRIENDS, you’re not the only one! Head down to Yes Please on November 19-24 for a FRIENDS night!

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