From Spice Girls’ 19-year-old hit song to Game Of Thrones Season 7’s latest trailer, we rounded up the most buzzworthy topics on the interwebz that came out the past week via #YouMissedWhat, your newest weekly habit on /ESCAPE!

The Internet says: Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Gabreel cover What I’ve Been Looking For after 10 years

/ESCAPE says: Can we have a High School Musical reunion already?? This gave us legit nostalgia and we’re high-key hoping for a Zac Efron appearance on the next one.

The Internet says: Korean actor Kim Woo-bin is diagnosed with cancer??

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/ESCAPE says: The 27-year-old Korean actor was recently diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer, and our hearts are breaking. What’s even more tragic: the character he played in his most recent drama, Uncontrollably Fond, was an actor who also had cancer. WTF.

The Internet says: WHAT DO YOU MEME!

/ESCAPE says: Take our money already! Imagine Cards Against Humanity plus our favorite legendary memes. Just OMG.

The Internet says: Spice Girls’ #1 hit is 19 years old

/ESCAPE says: Are we that old already?! Not that guilty though, “Ëœcause this jam is still our fave and will forever be.

The Internet says: Selena-The Weeknd collab?!?!

/ESCAPE says: We can NOT wait for a fire collab to happen.

The Internet says: #LoveWins in Taiwan

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/ESCAPE says: Uhm, when is the rest of Asia going to keep up?

The Internet says: Spicy Skittles, anyone?


Spicy sweets are definitely on trend at #sse17. Check out this Sweet Heat flavour from #skittles

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/ESCAPE says: You read that right, Skittles is launching a spicy flavor“”in collaboration with Starburst””and it’ll not just have one but five flavors!

The Internet says: You can now color your hair without commitments



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/ESCAPE says: COUNT US IN. Surely going for the millennial pink! Bye bye hair chalk, we have a new way to fulfill our unicorn dreams.

The Internet says: New #GoTSeason7 trailer!

/ESCAPE says: This new trailer gave us legit chills! BRB, off to do a GoT marathon.

What’s the most shocking news that you read about on the interwebz the past week? Sound off in the comments down below!