Gigi Hadid bringing back jorts in 2017, fidget spinners being annoying (and addicting) AF and Ed Sheeran hitting Justin Bieber with a golf club? If you missed all these recent cray news the past week, worry no more “Ëœcause we have everything that came out on the interwebz via #YouMissedWhat, your newest Wednesday habit on /ESCAPE.

The Internet says: Ed Sheeran shared an epic gossip about the Biebs

/ESCAPE says: Aside from being able to fit 55 pieces of Maltesers in his mouth, Ed also spilled some crazy deets about Justin Bieber and their rendezvous in Japan during his guesting at the latest Carpool Karaoke episode. He said that he was pretty hammered that time””but they still went golfing””and it just so happened that JB wanted Ed to hit a golf ball out of his mouth and as a good friend, he did. Nice bonding, you guys.

The Internet says: The New Naked Palette is ON FIRE!

/ESCAPE says: Urban Decay is coming out with a new palette called Naked Heat and the shades are undeniably perf for every skin tone. The new line won’t be out until July 27, so you still have a month to save up if you’re currently broke AF.

The Internet says: Fan replaced Chris Martin in a Coldplay show?! 

/ESCAPE says: During Coldplay’s show in Germany, a fan held a sign saying “Can I play Everglow for you?” and luckily it caught Chris Martin’s attention, so before he performed the 2015 hit, he called up the fan and let him play the piano while he sang. The young fan didn’t just impress Chris but the thousands of fans in that show too.

The Internet says: Jorts season is back according to Gigi Hadid

/ESCAPE says: Jorts or jean shorts are comfy and all but we can’t deny the fact that it didn’t look that fab when we used to wear them. Gigi is such a trendsetter that we’re not surprised if all these Instagram celebrities follow suit and sport jorts for their #OOTDs. LOL.

The Internet says: Fidget Spinner trend is spinning sales all over the world

/ESCAPE says: Remember when hoverboards happened? This one’s just like that, fidget spinners just popped out of nowhere and now almost everyone has one. It’s a gadget that’s meant to relieve stress but TBH, it’s just like one of those trends that will probably die quickly.

The Internet says: Childish Gambino is making his LAST album??

/ESCAPE says: During the Governors Ball music festival, Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino announced that his next album would be his last. According to him, he finds his music as something that’s not necessary anymore, and as of now, we’re just waiting for his elaboration on this and also hoping he’d change his mind.

The Internet says: Liza Soberano is really our generation’s Darna


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/ESCAPE says: Word’s out that Liza Soberano is really playing the role of our iconic heroine, Darna. As usual, everyone has a lot to say about it””that she doesn’t look Filipina enough and can’t speak the language well for the role, but keeping all of those aside, Liza said that she’s very happy and that she’ll do her best to give justice to the role.

The Internet says: GSW finally got the revenge against Cavs

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/ESCAPE says: After losing last year, Golden State Warriors finally got the trophy back with 129 points against Cavs 120 points. Kevin Durant also became this year’s MVP, and during the end of the game, he and Lebron James shared an emotional hug. Just moments after, however, Lebron said in an interview that he wasn’t happy with Durant’s win at all. Can you like, make up your mind?

The Internet says: Korean Hallyu star Park Shin Hye is visiting the PH again!

/ESCAPE says: From her visit last year for the opening of Shin Hye Center, an orphanage for deprived children, our favorite Korean unnie is finally coming back to our country! With her Asian tour and newest local clothing line endorsement, it seems that the Pinocchio actress is all set for her return to the Philippines. It is said that the profits of her upcoming show in Manila will be donated to her charity. Fighting, Shin Hye!

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