You Can Never Go Wrong With These Local Statement Accessories

You Can Never Go Wrong With These Local Statement Accessories

Been looking for that perfect accessory to match your outfit? Aren’t we all? From bags to necklaces and earrings, we need them all to complete an outfit!

We’ve been looking for shops that will give us unique and stylish lewks and because of that, we have collated a list just for you! Also, just to drop some major bomb: we’re having these brands over at the very first /ESCAPE Pop Up! OK, we’re itching to spill all the deets now, so make sure to read ‘til the end!

Lila & Piper

Looking for the perfect statement earrings? Check out Lila & Piper and get those earrings that will give your outfit life with a pop of color!

Pulseras By Kim

Hoops, who? We don’t know her! Check out these uniquely shaped earrings from Pulseras by Kim and stand out the next time you head out.

Coco Lola Resort Wear

Be in with the times with these palm tree-shaped earrings from Coco Lola! Perfect for that fierce look in or out of the beach!

Basi Tropical Towels

We still like looking ultra fashionable at the beach, or in general! Shop these cute earrings and other things in Basi Tropical Towels.

Mirth and Yift

Rattan bags are in and you can finally get one for yourself! A lot of cute and tropical design from Mirth and Yift also happens to be spacious enough to carry your essentials! Win-win, right?

Modern Myth

Not so much of a statement accessory type of girl? You can find simple yet chic pieces over at Modern Myth. They even have necklaces with your zodiac sign in them! Super cute!

Cayenne Hund

Be eco-friendly and carry a tote bag when you go shopping! You can be stylish while you are at it too! Check out these cute and funky designs from Cayenne Hund.

Found something that caught your eye? All the shops mentioned here will be in /ESCAPE’s Pop Up Market on June 16 at The Island! See you there! What do you want to buy? Share it with us below!

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