You Can Be An Instant Pro Bartender At Your Party With The Bar Pink Gin

You Can Be An Instant Pro Bartender At Your Party With The Bar Pink Gin

Since the new year has just begun, you can now plan your parties thoroughly. Do you have one coming up before the month ends? Well to give you an idea, we got a new discovery and so far we’re loving it a lot! The Bar Pink Gin is the newest variant of one of our favorite gin brands in the Philippines. Here are some mixes for you to try! 


This mix is known to be a silent killer or otherwise known as Traydor. The Bar Pink Gin is really good alone, but by adding a mix of Aloe makes it taste like you’re just having a jelly juice drink. One thing’s for sure, 5 glasses and you might just be KO. 


This drink is probably the easiest one out of all the drinks listed here. It’s simply The Bar Pink Gin, Grenadine and some Sprite, then you’re good to go! Just be careful, it’s so good you’d always want more. 


The GINPOM is an oldie, but a goodie (and maybe also a baddie). A new twist comes if you use The Bar Pink Gin! A simple mix of The Bar Pink Gin and a good amount of pomelo juice, is just heaven on earth. Now be careful with your proportions, we don’t one anyone hurling on your carpet! 


Blend some Strawberries, add lime juice, mint leaves, tonic water, and The Bar Pink Gin! And that’s how you became officially the best bartender ever. Kidding aside, it’s best to experiment on the mix of this drink before the party. That might just mean getting drunk way ahead of everyone. 

Do you have other suggestions? Give us a good one of the comment section below. We definitely love knowing more good cocktail mixes! You can also check @thebarpremiumgin on Instagram to know more about The Bar Pink Gin.

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