Women in Music Today

Women in Music Today

Since it’s still International Women’s Month, we are still putting a highlight on our favorite badass ladies!

This time we put a spotlight on our favorite women in music today! Not only do these artists put out great music to sing to and dance to – they also live out a purpose. Music is their passion and they use their fame as a platform for their advocacies. These are the women in music who inspire us today:


BadGalRiRi doesn’t only release dope jams but she is also a businesswoman releasing a bomb makeup line! She has an IDGAF attitude that we can all be like – just live your best life!


Of course, the Queen B is in this list! Why wouldn’t she be? Aside from killer outfits, perfect performances and albums to die for – she is also unapologetically real. She stands up for what she believes in and shares us her struggles and victories through her songs. We love us a KWEEN!

Lady Gaga

The face of determination and hardwork. Lady Gaga was never a crowd favorite from the start but that didn’t stop her and look where she is in 2019 winning awards and all! Not to mention she is the first person to win a Golden Globe, a Grammy and an Oscar all in one year! Aside from that, she stands up for those who needs it and speaks up about taboo topics that not everyone would be comfy to do so with their status.

Alicia Keys

A strong advocate for children and the fight against HIV/AIDS! More than just countless hits from this beautiful woman, she is also helping people advocacy at a time. Also, doesn’t she look gorgeous with no make up on – she also encourages every woman to be comfortable in their own skin and feel beautiful made up or not.


We love a woman who can rise above a terrible situation. We all know what KESHA had to go through but she is still fighting. She was abused and gaslighted by a producer, had to fight in court for it – not to mention she almost lost this case because of the fight every woman has to go through today but she still rose as heard in her first single out after everything, Prayer. Her fighting spirit inspires us in more ways than one.

Ariana Grande

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Another inspiring woman who have gone through the worst but still pushed through. She handled adversity with grace. She was almost irrelevant after dangerous woman but then she came out as an absolute queen! She makes sure to help the people around her, to speak up for what she believes in and still be able  to WERQ!


A superstar in her own right. She doesn’t just make music for the fame but for the craft – and we love her for that! She has always been judged by the way she looks, but she doesn’t care – neither should we. She is an amazing artist, and that’s all that matters!

Miley Cyrus

A woman that faced a lot of scandal but rose from that like a BO$$! From being a Disney Channel star (I mean, who doesn’t know about Hannah Montana, right?) to her breakdown years but still put out a hit album BANGERZ to a whole new Miley in Malibu! More than just rising and excelling in her career she also set up a foundation that helps homeless people and the LGBTQ community.

Who inspires you in the music industry today? Share it with us below!

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