Winter Trip Must Haves That You Should Be Packing Now

Winter Trip Must Haves That You Should Be Packing Now

United States, Japan, and South Korea, these are some popular winter destinations we all often go to or at least eye on going to. Asking people about Winter advice can be confusing too. This is because it really depends on how you can handle the weather yourself. Don’t fret, we made a check list on how you can combat the cold weather!

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Thermal Wear/ Heat Tech/Warm Tech

While buying coats and puffer jackets can be fun, they all won’t function well if you’re not wearing proper intimates. You can easily grab heat tech in Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer. Do a little research on what kind of weather you’ll be experiencing so you can choose the proper Heat Tech material.


Gloves can be annoying, we know. It’s a hassle to take photos, to eat, or basically any function using your hands. It is quite an essential though especially when the weather goes below zero. There are now gloves you can get that allows you to use your mobile phones, it’s pretty handy!

Coats and Puffer Jackets

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s an appropriate weather for each.You might not want to wear a coat during temperatures like 3 °C and below. Coats are appropriate if you are traveling around November to December, but when the peak of Winter happens, usually January, you will need a puffer jacket.


Scarves are easily available here in the Philippines, but there is the right kind of scarf material you should be looking at when you shop for a winter trip. Get those in wool or cashmere, these are the ones that would give you enough warmth.


Boots may not be a mandatory compared to the others that were mentioned but getting the right warmth on your feet helps you survive winter. If you’re feeling like splurging get a pair of Uggs, they last forever and they’re very comfortable. Something you can wear in Manila would be Dr. Marten boots, so getting a pair of these can be useful not just during winter time.

Additional Accessories: Ear Muffs, Beanies, and Socks

If you feel like the things we mentioned might not be enough there are more things you can get to help you get bundled up and ready. Ear muffs, beanies, and socks can be found anywhere. Again, with the right material, you can maximize your spending. Fur may ridiculous here but it’s a lot of help during winter. There are a lot of faux fur available in stores like H&M and Forever21.

That is the end of our list! We hope you enjoy your Winter trip. We’re definitely excited to see your winter ready outfits, don’t forget to tag us at @escapetothepalace!


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