Why The Mulan Remake Won’t Be a Dishonor To Your Cow

Why The Mulan Remake Won’t Be a Dishonor To Your Cow

We all know that the Disney remake machine is on full-speed. After the success of Aladdin, Disney releases news that they finally chose their Ariel for the Little Mermaid and we all know how that turned out. Right in the middle of the whole thing, Disney releases the trailer for live-film Mulan. 


We give it 100% for showing us the contrast of warrior and (the traditional) woman. But ICYMI, MUSHU WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. We all loved Freddie Murphy playing the hilarious pocket dragon. Twitter and most of the 90skids were outraged. 

While it is based on The Ballad of Mulan, a short story from the 6th Century, we know that there was no dragon IRL. Hua Mulan (meaning Flower Magnolia) did take her Father’s required slot in the army for 10-12 years and made her way to the top of the army. She and the general (Jin Yong, Shang in the movie) did fall in love #equality but he didn’t shoo her away when he found out she was a woman, unlike the 1998 Mulan #Rude #LoveisLove. The rest is history, she was honored by the emperor with bags of gold but all she wanted was a ride home. Upon coming home, she found out that her father died and the previous trauma of being on the battlefield made her commit suicide. Pretty dark if compared to Mulan 2 where she and the Shang decide to have kids and grow old together. 


Here’s a list of what they took out from the original story and the cartoon (based on the sources we’ve gathered: Mushu, Shang, and the SONGS. THERE IS NO SONG BREAKOUTS IN THIS MOVIE #ButWhy?! 

We’re all sad, we know. The live-action remake won’t be exactly like the childhood feminist movie we knew. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.#REALTALK, sources are saying that while the 1990s Mulan did get a lot of love from people across the globe, it wasn’t as well accepted in China for multiple historical inaccuracies and cultural appropriation scenes. Maybe this is Disney’s way to fix the inaccuracies they did before to honor the actual Chinese version and respect Chinese culture. This live-action will be more focused on the actual historical story, not The Ballad of Hua Mulan. 

We’re sure, Disney being the multinational it is + with the best storytellers in the industry, knows what they’re doing. The cartoon movie was already great, they’re probably giving the movie a modern twist? No love interest for a more feminist take, no dragon because that is a bit racist, and no songs because it’s not a photocopy of the old movie. It’s a new movie that we’re judging before it even hits the cinemas!


We’re all up for the Mulan story of pushing women to be amazing women but if there’s anything we’re sad about, it’s that Shang’s story arch as a bisexual commander falling for another soldier will be taken out. That’s what we should all be outraged about, not a missing dragon. A company as big as Disney is still scared to represent how fluid sexuality is to a world who now accepts and pushes for equality and fair representation!

Final say? Let’s wait for the movie before we judge! It’s on May 27, 2020 so mark your calendars!

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