Why Partying with your Officemates Should Be A Thing

Why Partying with your Officemates Should Be A Thing

Instead of reeling in your usual squad together on your next night out, why not round up your office mates for a fun night out?! 

Screw the old traditions of “segregating” your work from your personal life. We all know that that line is very thin and it’s better to make your work life and personal work in harmony anyway. Partying with your officemates have a ton of benefits that our own team can attest to. It’s tried and tested on our end! No nega effects (unless of course, you drink one shot too many and start foul mouthing everyone! Yikes!) Here’s why your next party should be with the squad!


Make New Friends!

You spend all day with them but you probably talk solely about work all the time. Partying with your office mates means you can actually get to know them better. Knowing your office mates make you understand each other better, making a better work environment for all! Plus, you can know more people in your organization if you invite more people!


Better Teamwork

Since when has Company team buildings helped achieve a better work environment? Give me an example, I’ll wait. Instead of having Trust Falls or Pass the Message cliches, opt for a night where you can really build rapport on each other. There’s less pressure and competition when you’re out together playing drinking games! 


Finally Meet That Office Cutie

Been eyeing some cute officemate? This is the best way to get to know your office crush without being too awkward or forced! It’s super ideal if your crush is in a different department! 


Get to know Your Boss Better

It’s true that most office deals are made outside the office than in it. If you want to snag that promotion, take a page from a pro’s playbook and get to know your boss a bit better during these parties. Or better yet, let them know you more! It will build a better connection with you and your boss the next morning, we’re sure!


End that OT in a fun way

We all hate it when work eats up more time that it should but it’s inevitable in the workplace! End every OT like true office gladiators = with a solid round of shots! 


The More The Merrier

… and the cheaper! Splitting the bill as a large group can be a lifesaver for our penny-pinching souls. Pro-tip? Invite your boss, most bosses don’t mind picking up a bottle, a round, or (if you’re lucky!) the whole bill! 


Ready to have that night out? Doors at The Palace open as early as 6PM! Don’t miss out! 

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