Why Coming to the Bar Early Is the Best

Why Coming to the Bar Early Is the Best

When it comes to partying on a weekend, it’s not a new scenario for your friends to invite you over past 10PM-11PM. However, with an invite that late in the wee-hours of the night, you might just shrug it off. So why not come in the bar earlier? It has a gazillion perks than coming in late! Allow us to count the ways.

Two words: Happy Hour. Who doesn’t like getting more booze for less money?! For those penny pinching boys and girls, you can still have a fun night out without breaking the bank! As long as you come early to the bar! In Yes Please, you can snag UNLIMITED Sangria or UNLIMITED Moscow Mules for only P499!

In The Island, you can snag buy one, take one cocktails!

Also, who doesn’t want to get some drinks after a day of working?! Why prolong the agony away from the fun? Come. Early. More time to drink and have fun!

Another plus is you can score a table you spot, both at The Island and Yes Please! But you can also book a table easily by just contacting these bars and reserving a table!

If you have a heavy weekend schedule, coming to the bar early is also a benefit because you can glug all the drinks and be out sooner so you can still be alive the next morning!

Coming to the bar early also means you can snag some scrumptious grub from the bar kitchen! Remember, a solid pre-game is important to avoiding a hangover the next day!

If you come to the bar earlier, you won’t be there when everyone is already shit drunk and totally senseless, which if you are sober is a confusing scene to see. Coming early allows you to be there for the build-up before the crowd gets all wild and crazy!

Also, talking and getting to know other people is wayyy easier! How many times have we all faked laughed/agreed without even thinking about what the other person said?! Catching the bar early allows you to talk and connect minus the crazy bar bustle that hits come 11PM onwards!

So the next time you plan to paint the town red, head in The Palace Manila! B.A.D., The Island, and Yes Please are waiting for you as early as 6PM!

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