Why Celebrating Your Most Authentic Self Is Important

Why Celebrating Your Most Authentic Self Is Important

In today’s world where anyone can be who they want to be, it is even more important to stay true and celebrate your most authentic self. The advent of technology and social media made it easier for everyone to express their individuality and cultivate an aesthetic that (may or may not) define who one’s self.

That is why we thank all the stars for brands that celebrate individuality and pushes the boundaries to be an original. The Guess Originals Fall Winter 2018 collection pays homage to the brand’s roots and heritage. The world-famous brand known for its iconic ad campaigns and trend-setting denim re-introduces the Guess Originals in a different light.

In celebration of this iconic feat, we take to today’s local internet superstars to share their piece on why they opt to stay original.

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Miko Carreon: “I don’t prefer being an original because I am an original. I can call myself an original because I am unique in my own way, my personal style, aesthetic, personality and how I am in my profession, just showing the authenticity in what I do and what I love to do brings out the originality of who I am and I believe this makes me stand out from the others.”


MJ Salme: “In a world that inevitably changes us, we often forget who we were before they told us who to be. I prefer to be original because life’s too short not to keep it real. As an individual, I always admire and look up to people who are fearlessly authentic with themselves. I’m never perfect, but I am always me, and that’s how I want to be remembered. As an influencer, my posts are comparable to an open book where I’m free to share my thoughts and express what I’m going through. Whenever people tell me how relatable, insightful and uplifting my posts are, that’s when I keep in mind that I shouldn’t try to be someone I’m not because I will attract the right people who will love me for who I am. ‘If you won’t free yourself now and be real, when’ a question I often ask myself. I’ll leave you guys with a little something, if you expect someone to be genuine with you, you have to start with yourself first.”


Drew Venzon: “Being original means being who you are. When someone tells you to be original, you start to question what your likes are, what your dislikes are. You will wonder what you prefer, what you don’t. Whatever given topic that calls for originality, you will make yourself original based on the answers you know for yourself.”


Nate Venzon: “I prefer to be original because nowadays it’s easy to copy. People try to copy fashion, they try to copy personalities, they try to be something that they are not. Being original doesn’t necessarily mean you have to avoid trends. You can be inspired by trends, by pop culture, by other’s personalities as long as you put a touch of yourself into it, and make it who you truly are.”

Today’s spirited youth is all about embracing life and the myriad of opportunities that technology and social media offers. With that said, with all the options and opportunities available for the taking, it is paramount to have an identity to its purest and most original form–this is what Guess Originals is all about.


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