After breaking out into mainstream popularity in 2016, Marshmello has taken over EDM by storm churning out one psychedelic, synth-packed track after the other.


In the era of the superstar DJ, part of the Mello’s appeal is the air of mystery that surrounds the dude behind the mask. Ever wonder who EDM’s most wholesome DJ could possibly be? Here’s a few of our best guesses:

Morgan Freeman

We all know Marshmello’s got this all-white thing going on as far as wardrobe goes, but do you know who else looks great in white head-to-toe? Morgan Freeman. Sure, Morgan Freeman is black and Marshmello appears to be Caucasian from his photos and music videos, but that’s a minor issue.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

To figure out who Marshmello is, people need to think out of the box. Maybe, just maybe, Marshmello isn’t even human. We’ve seen him eat his own kind in his music video for Keep It Mello, so clearly he’s a cannibal marshmallow monster of sorts””just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.


Remember that one night during EDC Las Vegas when Tiësto’s thick European accent magically disappeared as he revealed himself as Marshmello at the end of his set? That’s some next-level trolling right there.

Ellen Degeneres

Have you seen Ellen and MelloBro dance??? The similarities are staggering.

The Wayans Brothers

Okay, stay with me. The Wayans Brothers could totally work. They’re hella funny and so is Marshmello. There’s two of them, which is really helpful when you’re touring all over the world but need to keep your Instagram and twitter lit. And face it, this wouldn’t be the first time they played dress up.

Martin Garrix

You’re probably thinking “But they have like, tons of pictures together.” Like a lot. They even shared a stage together. Shut up. That could be a paid actor for all we know. Sometimes clues can be really subtle. For example, if you rotate the first symbol in Martin Garrix’s logo, you get two xs in a box. You know who else has two xs for eyes and a boxhead? MARSHMELLO, THAT’S WHO.


It seems as though the Internet has reached a general consensus that Chris Comstock (a.k.a. Dotcom) is actually our favorite wholesome DJ Marshmello. A few of the facts that support this theory are the following: 1) they’re both managed by Moe Shalizi 2) they share the same birthday, May 19th 3) they have the same tattoo on their right thigh and there’s also the small detail that Skrillex accidentally called Marshmello “Chris” during an interview with Katie Couric. Judging from evidence it seems totally plausible, but we’re still hoping it’s Morgan Freeman.

Got a better guess? Tell us in the comments!

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