Who Is Pete Davidson And Why Are We Only Hearing About Him Now

Who Is Pete Davidson And Why Are We Only Hearing About Him Now

With Ariana Grande releasing bangers after bangers from her new album Sweetener, we didn’t realize something else was happening in her life (love life, to be exact).

Unlike most of us who are still moving on from her recent breakup with Mac Miller, the 24-year old pop artist apparently had no struggle in doing so because in just a span of 1 month, she is now reportedly engaged. And with whom you may ask?

feel the love

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His name is Pete. Pete Davidson. And here’s everything you need to know about him.

He’s from Saturday Night Live

This is probably where it all began. Ariana Grande attended the Saturday Night Live after-party and apparently that’s when her fans first noticed ~the connection~. Pete became a part of the SNL gang in 2010 and he’s known for being the youngest featured comedian in Season 40 and for his roles in the famous SNL skits Pool Boy and Teacher Trial.

Like Ari, he started young

Right now, they are both 24, but like Ari (in case you forgot, she’s a Nickelodeon baby), he started out as an actor in a teen sitcom called Failosophy. And from there, he started getting interesting roles in comedy movies and shows like Going Places and Trainwreck.

He’s a Potterhead

the chamber of secrets has been opened …

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This you may already know because of the cute pic Pete posted on his Instagram of them matching Harry Potter-inspired outfits, which also FYI served as the confirmation of their relationship. Just read that caption and tell us it’s not a subtle “yes, we’re actually together”.

They’re both fresh off the hook

Just recently, Ariana and Mac Miller’s breakup became an issue again when someone tweeted Ariana blaming her for Mac’s recent DUI issue, yo girl got triggered so she wrote this long-ass message telling us all about how hard it was for her to stay in that toxic relationship. Poor Ari. Back to Pete, he also just recently broke up with Larry David’s daughter Cazzie David, but unlike Ariana and Mac, Pete and Cazzie are in good terms (they even call each other BFF).

He roasted the Biebs on National TV before

Pete first created buzz in the interwebz when he roasted Justin Bieber on National TV. Fans of JB got mad at his hilarious jokes, but it was clearly scripted so you all could chill. He’s a nice guy.

He was on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list

Last, and probably the most impressive thing we discovered about Ariana Grande’s fiancé. In 2016, he made it on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for his notable performance in Saturday Night Live and of course being the youngest cast member of a famous show says a lot about this young man.

Alright, enough lurking! We just wish Ariana and Pete the best. Are you convinced that these two will really get married? Let us know in the comments below!



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