Where to Take Your Date This Valentines’ Based on His/Her Horoscope

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Where to Take Your Date This Valentines’ Based on His/Her Horoscope

It’s hard to pick a date idea on a regular day and it’s way harder to pick one when it’s February 14. We’ve checked the stars and made sure you blow your date away! As long as you know your date’s star sign, everything should be smooth sailing from here! Check out these date places and activities your partner would love based on his/her star sign.


Symbolized by the goat, Aries types love nature. Book an out of town hike for the weekend or scout for any activity that gets you two out of the city and into the wilderness!


Taus love the sky-high lifestyle, they love the grand brands and rad fads. How about checking-in a fancy hotel and ordering room service the whole time? Maybe visit the hotel spa while you’re at it? UGH, heaven.


Your partner is more than just a pretty face, he/she loves talking about culture, the arts, science, and everything in between. A museum tour or a heritage walk will be deeply appreciated by this star sign!


Let us start by stating how ironic this is. Cancers are depicted by crabs and this star sign is in love with eating. Take your date out to the best restaurant in town or wherever the food is exquisite! Try B.A.D.’s crazy, delectable menu and see where the night takes you.


Symolized by the lion, the king of the jungle, a Leo loves the spotlight. It’s all about lights, loud music, and fun, fun, fun, for this star sign! Take your Leo out for a solid pre-game and then to Xylo for a night you’ll both love.


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Virgos are on the quiet side of the spectrum. They enjoy the dates where they get to connect with you, no frills and thrills. You can try a couples yoga class or even just a dinner date in Yes Please – where you can enjoy each other’s company with good food, drinks and fun games!


This gal/guy loves art, in any form. Aside from a museum tour, consider bringing your date to an indie bar with amazing live music. You can also check out the concerts this month, your date will totally love you for booking tickets!


Symbolized by the scorpion, this star sign is frank and straight to the point. Just like Virgos, you don’t need to exaggerate plans to impress this date. What they value is you and your time! Look for something personal between you two, an inside joke or go to the place where you first met. You can also try Poppy’s at The Island where you can focus on each other for its cozy feel.


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Your partner is naturally inclined to adventure and more adventure. The ideal date place for him/her is something he/she has never tried before. But this doesn’t mean you can sign them up for skydiving (but they’ll probably still like it tho, Sags are cray like that). The date has to have meaning for your date, does your date love to cook and loves french culture? Maybe a French cooking class is for you guys!


One of the chillest star signs out there, Caps are all about R&Rs. Try getting a hotel room with a bathtub so your partner can soak, or book a couple’s massage + all the add-ons in a fancy spa, your Cap will love it!


This star signs gains its strength from the water. Their chi is recharged by the great deep which makes a water-related date the best option for this star sign. A road trip to the nearest beach and just relaxing there would be unforgettable for this sign.  


Just like Aquarius people, your date recharges every time he/she is near the water. If the beach is a little too far for you two because of your busy schedules, why go where the beach vibe is around 24/7? Check out The Island this Vday!

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