Where To Spend A Fuss Free Christmas

Where To Spend A Fuss Free Christmas

Where To Spend A Fuss Free Christmas

Forgot to make plans? Too tired to cook or prepare anything at home? You might not know this yet but you can actually spend your Christmas day or Noche Buena out. Here are our top 3 picks on where you should celebrate your christmas! 


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Christmas Eve at Revel

Take part in the countdown to Christmas at Revel and order your favourite champagne, Moet Nectar Imperial. Its bright and fruity taste can surely accompany you and your family to enjoy a night full of flavour and fun. Taste the slight hints of vanilla, the roundness of mirabelle plums and apricot, the bursting flavour of pineapple and mango, you’ll know for sure that you are getting only the best for one of the most special days of the year. 


Christmas at Xylo 

Now that you have spent time with family and your loved ones, it’s time you hang with your friends and create more memories and reminisce the year that has passed. Ordering booze is much easier and you get taken care of the staff even when you go wild! 


Christmas at Yes, Please! 

There are a lot of food options at YP that can make you go woo! And your parents will love it for sure. You can also bring your friends. With their revamped menu, we know for sure that everyone will have fun, taste great food, and party like rockstars.

What are you waiting for? Make those reservations now. Comment below your favourite among our three picks! 


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