Where to Eat in La Union

Where to Eat in La Union

Elyu isn’t just a great place to surf but also to get some good food!

Also the cool thing is, these food places are different from the places you eat in at the metro! So your vacation will be filled with awesome eats, that will surely make you come back for more! An addition is some cool pics for the gram too. Here are our top 10 recommendations of where to eat in Elyu:

Papa Bear

Sous vide eggs? Vegetarian options? This is the place to go to! They have recently released their new stuff too! Some good tacos! A little bit of vietnamese cuisine and now, mexican too! It is located in Great Northwest, San Juan La Union.

What to try: BEGG and the Korean Beef Short Rib Taco.

Sabong FC

Craving for a good chicken rice meal? Try out Sabong! They have three chicken flavors that will not fail you! Their sides are yummy too, that you might want some extras! Located in Great Northwest as well.

Must try: All!

Great Gamble Seafood Shack

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A small shack at the 2nd floor of the Great Northwest that serves some delicious buns! Fresh crab and scallops served in soft and chewy buns is a great post surf treat! They have pasta too that will fill you right up!

Must try: Scallop Roll and Shrimp Aglio Olio

Tigre Y Oliva

Are you the type of person who always needs dessert after each meal? A newcomer in the Great Northwest compound is Tigre Y Oliva. A single origin chocolate shop that has a great menu filled with desserts! What’s great too is they sell chocolate bars you can buy for some pasalubongs.

Must try: Brownies (With whipped cream or any of the 3 flavors of ice cream) and Champopo!

Chu’s Diner

An authentic Japanese restaurant in surftown is just what we all need! Also a newcomer in the Great Northwest compound is this small Jap diner, you’ll love!

Must try: Poke Bowl and Katsudon.

El Union

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say. But in El Union you’re going to want their waffles all day long. Also they are popularly known as a coffee shop, so if you’re a coffee addict you definitely have to try their coffee!

Must try: Classic Waffle, Drunken Beef Sandwich and Cold Brew Latte!


Looking to crave some Thai cravings? Seawadeeka is the place to be! Located near Fatwave hotel. They have rice meals and Pad Thai that will make you want to go back to Elyu just to have some again.

Must Try: Shrimp Pad Thai and Thai Milk Tea.

Gefseis Greek Grill

Located at the beach front near Fatwave is a cute Greek restaurant that everyone should visit when they’re in Elyu. Authentic Greek dishes that will fill your hungry tummies post-surf or pre-drinking festivities.

Must Try: Salty Cheese and Moussaka.


Who wouldv’e thought you will find an amazing Italian restaurant in this surftown right? Well there is and it’s Amare. Located in La Roca Villa, you will find this cozy place that will serve you freshly oven-baked pizzas and great pasta dishes!

Must Try: Carbonara and Wagyu Pasta.

Mamba’s Kitchen

On a budget? There are a lot of places in Elyu to eat at still! Mamba’s is one of them. A lot of great choices from American breakfasts, Filipino dishes and more! They even have vegetarian choices too that don’t cost much. Located beside Seawadeeka.

Must try: Porkchop and Silog dishes.

When you’re on vacation you should try to let go of that diet a little. You’re already there anyway, right? So might as well try to squeeze in these restaurants on your next visit to surftown. Who’s heading up during the long weekend? What are you excited to try? Let us know below!

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