What’s the Tea Between Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott and Cardi B?

What’s the Tea Between Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott and Cardi B?

We’re still on that post-VMAs high so expect celebrity tea to spill all over the place! In this edition, it’s all about the “Queen” — Nicki Minaj, and everyone else she’s trying to drag ‘cause apparently her album isn’t number 1.

Yes, that clip you just saw is Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj at the VMAs looking like they’re spilling hot goss to each other. Question is, who and what are they talking about?

A little backstory for those of you who are not yet aware of what’s really happening here. So just last week, Nicki Minaj released her album Queen and apparently, Travis Scott’s Astroworld is topping the Billboard charts surpassing hers. So in her Queen Radio show today, she dished out on how this happened calling Travis the Hoe N**** of the week. Low blow!

She’s insisting that she put her blood, sweat and tears in this album so she just can’t let it go that Travis is using his baby momma Kylie Jenner and their baby Stormi to sell tour tickets. She’s also dissing the fact that the American rapper is selling his album along with some merch because this, according to her, is cheating.

We should also take note that just last week, Nicki also lowkey dragged Cardi B in her radio show saying, “having a big push from your label doesn’t make you great.” Cardi then answered this on her Instagram live saying that if anyone’s label can just buy them the number 1 spot, then why can’t they buy it for her. Oooooh. Shots fired!

In this video, you can see Cardi’s full acceptance speech wherein she threw shade again saying that, “God gave this to me and it’s not something you can buy, bitch.”

The tea is exceptionally hot today. What are your thoughts on this? Spill on the comments below!

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