What’s In Your “Non-essential Essentials” Shopping Cart?

What’s In Your “Non-essential Essentials” Shopping Cart?

What’s In Your “Non-essential Essentials” Shopping Cart?

Online shopping is booming and people have gotten used to doing all of their transactions on the web. From food to groceries, to items like furniture, and the like, everything can now be purchased at the tap of your fingers and they will arrive at your doorstep a few days or a day after your order. It has become very easy to buy things nowadays because of the new normal that we all try to live in. Aside from our essential needs, we’ve raided the /Escape team’s online shopping carts and we have listed down their top non-essential purchases! Are yours the same too? Check out below which purchases you can #relate to!

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Getting used to the Work-from-home situation is not easy, most days you would have to prep yourself for a zoom meeting right when you wake up. A lot of us have been saved by versatile loungewear. A lot of great styles and designs have come out and we all try to order them in all colours! You don’t even have to think about choosing an outfit anymore! We are sure that this is what’s on top of our list. What’s your top 1? 

Exercise Equipment/Weights

These days, going to the gym is much scarier as it sounds. You don’t even know what kind of icky bacteria lingers on when you use those machines. A lot of us have opted to cancel those memberships and invest that moolah on home gym equipment or tools instead. To match that, we have also probably spent most of our salary on sportswear too! We have also noticed that stationary bikes have been out of stock from most sport stores because everyone is slaying on that bike at home. Raise your hands if this was also one of the non-essential items you quickly added to your cart! 

Hennessy VS Bottles

Yup, let’s be clear, we cannot live without libations! We’ll be very honest that we were super sad when there was a liquor ban. Drinking at home was something we all were not used to but we all need a break from the workweek hustle and bustle. We have probably hoarded this the most for the fear of not having enough in case another lockdown ensues! Better safe, and tipsy, than sorry. You know where our priorities are. Have you stocked up yourself?

Face Masks – the beauty kind

Skincare was counted as a non-essential when there was still a lockdown. We made sure that we would still look fresh af all the time so we have probably purchased enough to last until August. Facing a computer everyday for long periods of time can damage our skin especially because we are exposed to radiation longer. When those stress hormones go cray, having the right skin care products available in your home can offer a huge relief. 

Craft Items & Plants

For the titos and titas at heart, craft items and plants have offered us all the sense of serenity and calmness that we need to face everyday! We have gotten into cross-stitching, repairing our old clothes via hand sewing or by using a sewing machine, we have planted leftover fruit or herbs to try and see if they will bloom. A lot of us have also gone into colouring and sketching. Getting back to those things we all used to enjoy as kids have given us that precious quiet time with ourselves. Have you also tried these things out? 

What else was in your non-essential shopping cart? Let us know in the comments below!

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