What’s GALentines Day and Why You Should Try It

What’s GALentines Day and Why You Should Try It

Valentine’s Day has a way of making single people left out. With almost everyone planning romantic dinner dates, either buying or carrying bouquets of roses, and booking getaways with their partners, it’s hard not to feel even a tiny bit bitter.

The key to avoid feeling this way is shifting your perspective. Instead of sulking at home, spend the day with your favorite gal pals! February 13 is globally known as Galentine’s Day, thanks to hit show Parks and Recreation.

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Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating female friendship.

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Of course, you don’t have to strictly celebrate it on the 13th of February. You can celebrate Galentines any day of February as long as you make it a point to catch up and spend time with your female friends instead of just focusing on your partner or lack thereof. Simply getting drinks with your best gal friends or watching romcoms together will cheer up your mood about this season.

For so many years, we have always viewed Valentine’s as a celebration to show our love and appreciation to our significant other, maybe it’s time to start changing this notion and we’ll be able to view Valentine’s as a celebration for everyone, whether you’re single or taken.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Galentine’s!

Book a quick getaway with your female friends

Booking a quick getaway will calm your nerves and make you feel at peace with your female friends. No more bitterness!

Wine night

We usually underestimate the ability of how talking to friends can make us feel better.  But sitting down together and talking and catching up with a bottle of wine, or two, can make everything alright. 

Party the night away

Going to your favorite bar and dancing the night away can work wonders, especially with the right people. The Palace is cooking up exciting and fun Valentines events so gather up your fave female friends and celebrate singlehood, independence, and female friendship.

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