What You’re Drinking Based on How Close You Are to Payday

What You’re Drinking Based on How Close You Are to Payday

It’s interesting how we all live like millionaires on payday then turn into the broke asses we truly are come the next Monday. So in honor of this, we made sure that you remember to drink up-based on how near/far you are from payday

Right After Payday: Water

So you just splurged all you moolah over the weekend and now here you are leeching off your company’s water dispenser like it was the only source of fluid.

A few days After: Milktea or a Frappe

Your officemate or some friends urge you to head out and score some sugary drinks mid-day. While you hesitate quickly, you realise that you deserve a treat for making it halfway through the week without a Britney breakdown. All this while still depending on your company’s water dispenser the rest of the day.

Midway the last payday to the next payday: Wine

After work and all the stress, you just want to stay in and relax on a weeknight. Or maybe your fellow Titas are craving for a little mid-week wine and whine in The Island, either way, it’s a chill type of night when you’re still crawling to payday.

A few days to payday: A classic hard drink + mixer

As you inch closer slowly but surely to payday, you want to get wasted so bad but your wallet is like ‘no’. So you stick to something cheap but will still hit you hard. Call it Gin + Tonic or Cola + Rum, we call it #tipidhits.

Payday: An artisan cocktail crafted by an award-winning bartender

Price is not an issue when you’ve just received your new paycheck. What do you get? The best money could buy! You spoil yourself a bit and indulge by visiting the hottest bar and grabbing their finest cocktail.

Payday weekend (if you can still remember this): A bottle of the best

You and your friends started with some ‘harmless’ cocktails and you later all realise that you’re in the mood to go all-out walwal after. You, unknowingly or knowingly (if your friends are not bad friends, they would split a bottle with you, if you have smart friends, they won’t), purchase a bottle for everyone + mixers. Everyone loves you and kids that you’re running for mayorship! Everyone has a good time thanks to you and your credit card.

The Morning After: Water or Sangria

What do you drink after a Friday night? Ideally water and electrolyte juices to rehydrate you, but if you’re a true warrior, you’d still go to brunch and grab a sangria! March on, you make us proud! Cheers! The next week however, say hello to water yet again.

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