What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

They say you can tell a lot about a person based on their shoes or their watch. However, designer duds shouldn’t be the basis of how we judge other people or ourselves. We believe that there’s another way to know more about a person, and it goes beyond the brands hanging in your closet. All you have to do is observe what you’re always drinking.

A person’s taste and palate is just as different as their taste in fashion. Also, judging one’s personality based on their poison of choice might be more reliable. Fashion is very trends-based, but taste is more personal and doesn’t change as fast as designer collections.

Here’s 12 of the most iconic drinks of all time and what your favorite says about you.

1. Beer

Unlike the other people on this list, you’re not after a wild, wild, night. You were probably dragged into the party by your friends who want to get shit smashed. You’re there as a good friend, not for that alcohol. You’re most likely to be the chillest person in your squad.


2. Sangria

Be it white or red, this drink says you go for Sunday brunches and have a Longchamp somewhere in your closet. This National Tita Drink says it all, you’re not out to party on a Friday night. Rather, you and your fellow kumares are out to chill, chat, and show photos of your cats to each other.

3. Negroni

You’re classy, like pinkies up classy. Aside from partying, you’re probably always in art museums and private auctions. And let us guess, you have a vintage watch collection or a vinyl player.

4. Piña Colada

Over the weekends, you’re usually in two places: some nearby beach or The Island, which is a tropical escape in the city. Your phone wallpaper probably says “ex-mermaid” and your bikini collection cannot be matched.

5. Absinthe

You are Satan’s incarnate. Only a monster will declare this as his/her favorite drink. You have an iron stomach and the strength of a thousand horses. We salute you, but we also fear you.

6. Martini

James Bond fan? We thought so. Just like the man connected to this drink, you’re very classic, dapper, and you will get along with the Whiskey types. You might even be trading vinyls with Negroni while you’re at it.

7. Mojito

You’re a free spirit who loves to dance the night away, and wants to let the world know about it. If it happened last night, it’s probably on your IG Stories already. You’re a bit basic with your highlighter and always on fleek.

8. An Alcoholic Slushie

Growing up, you’ve had fond memories of going to 7-Eleven and getting a slushie. Now that you’ve hit legal age, you want to bring back that fond childhood memory but with a grown-up twist of alcohol. You’re fun in a weird, Tumblr way.

9. Champagne

You love the lush life and consider everything worth celebrating. Your shoe closet has a fine range of stilettos and you love the Royal Family. Just like your favorite drink, you have a bubbly personality and that’s why people love partying with you! Cheers to you!

10. Whiskey

If this is your favorite drink, you’re an old soul stuck in a young body. You’re avoiding the hassle of a beer belly and your taste palate has evolved tremendously after tasting a top shelf Japanese bottle. You’re most likely friends with Martini and Negroni.

11. Irish Creme

You’re a cappuccino by day, frappe by the afternoon, and Irish Creme come nighttime. You have a thing for sweets and dairy in general. You’re also pretty chill in life, you hate drama and would usually spend your weekend mornings reading a book in a coffee shop after last night’s wild night.

12. Sake

You don’t let your limiting paycheck limit you, you want to get smashed without breaking the bank. You probably watched at least five J-or K-Dramas in your life. Also, do you call your guy friends “oppa”?

What’s your favorite drink? Let us know in the comments!

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