What You Need To Know About Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine

What You Need To Know About Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine

Woo! We’re on Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine! Wait – what? With all these transitions into different quarantines, not to mention not all cities in the metro will experience the same type, it can get really confusing! So we listed down the things you might want to know about regarding the new type of quarantine for the rest of May! 

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Age Restrictions

Anyone below 21 years old and above 60 years old, pregnant women, and individuals who have health risks are not allowed to head out to get essential goods and work on-site. Just think of those times you couldn’t enter the club without that valid ID. Lol. 

Access To Essential and Non-Essential Goods

Just like ECQ, there is still access to groceries and pharmacies. But in MECQ areas, malls and restaurants are allowed to open. With restrictions of course! If you do decide to head out and buy something out of pleasure, don’t forget to be extra careful.

Fully Operational Industries

In MECQ areas, media establishments, hardware construction, real estate, are allowed to operate already. You know what else? E-commerce and delivery services – which means, yes your online shopping can go back to normal now! 

50% Operational Industries

Let’s list the industries that you might take interest in: manufacturing industries for beverages (alcohol included), tobacco, motor or vehicle companies, administrative offices, management, advertising and marketing research and services, film production and fashion production.

Liquor Ban

Different local governments have already lifted the liquor ban in their cities! But this doesn’t mean you can throw a party just yet, but at least now you have something to drink for your E-numans, right?! And maybe learn how to make cocktails! 


Individual exercise such as walking, jogging or cycling around your village is allowed! You might not be in your favorite workout studio, but at least some fresh air while you work on your fitness goals.


Companies can opt to resume work in their offices provided that they will shoulder shuttles for their employees and great health protocols.

New Normal

Just like in any kind of quarantine, and for sure for the rest of the year or two, the new normal is all about wearing masks and social distancing! So don’t forget to practice these two protocols into our new normal.

But even if there is an ease in the quarantine and rules, please please please always stay safe! Don’t forget to disinfect everything you buy and to practice social distancing. Not just that, if you ever feel sick – take precautions already. Stay safe everyone! 

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