What We Know About The Amazon Fire and What We Can Do About It

What We Know About The Amazon Fire and What We Can Do About It

This week devastating news hit that the Amazon rainforest is on fire and it has been burning for three weeks already! A lot of people, us included, are surprised and angry at how this was not reported any sooner. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the planet and it is known as the lungs of the earth – so imagine, what a great loss it is that a part of it is burning, and it is continuously burning as you read this article.

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The Amazon runs through Brazil, Guiana Highlands, Andes Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean and the fires are mainly in the Brazil part of the rainforest. It has been reported to have 9,500 forest fires since the 15th of August and 74,000 fires in Brazil this year alone (do take note that the year hasn’t even ended yet). There are no confirmed reports as to why this happened, but there are two possible reasons: one is it is dry season in South America and that usually causes wildfires and two farmers purposely burn part of the Amazon and turn it to land to grow cattle in. The Brazlian president, Jair Bolsonaro, is turning a blind eye to this because he is known as someone who encourages deforestation for economical purposes.

The Amazonia produces 20% of the earth’s oxygen. We repeat, twenty percent! Not only does it contribute to everyone through that, it also houses millions of flora and fauna. Some of the major wildlife like jaguars and manatees are found there. There might be trees, flowers, birds, insects and animals that aren’t even recognized by science yet living there. A beautiful and natural rainforest filled with a ton of gifts from Mother Nature is being destroyed little by little and it really breaks our hearts. 

Now what can we do? It took years and years before we finally started talking about Climate Change and how to fight against it. But we all know that it has existed long before we were aware of what it is. We pollute and destroy nature even without knowing it. Now, the largest forest that provides a huge percentage of the planet’s oxygen is burning – major wake up call. 

We know that we can’t physically stop those fires but in our own little ways we can start helping the environment through: 

  1. Stopping the use of single use plastics.
  2. Recycling
  3. Disposing of your trash properly. 

These aren’t new or groundbreaking tips and we’ve already heard these before but it’s these simple things that we can do to help RIGHT NOW. 

There are also non-government organizations (NGO’s) that aim to help where we can donate as much as we can. These NGO’s are: Amazon Conservation Association, Amazon Watch and Rainforest Action Network. In any way we can, let’s do our part to help. What environmental practices have you done lately? Share it to us below!  

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