What To Watch Out For The Island’s Lovefest Weekend with Converse

What To Watch Out For The Island’s Lovefest Weekend with Converse

When one thinks or talks about Valentine’s season, so often we automatically assume it’s love for a significant other. We tend to forget that the sought-after occasion can also be celebrated through fearlessly loving yourself. Learning to unapologetically accept yourself without validation from anyone else is also a kind of love that is worth celebrating this Valentine’s season.

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No more sulking in bed for having no Valentine’s date or getting bitter over your friends’ Instagram stories of chocolates and roses. It’s time to shift the perspective and focus on yourself. Self-love means growth, acceptance, and fulfillment. 

If you want a self-love filled Valentine weekend, The Island and Converse got you covered.  LoveFest Weekend, from February 14-15, aims to push everyone of us to find our true and personal meaning from within. Sounds fun and enlightening at the same time, right?

Here are three things you can expect from the event: 

Notes and letters of self-love

Love letters are a big part of Valentine’s day. It is attached to every gift, every box of chocolate, and every bouquet of roses. While writing a letter for yourself might sound like a sad and absurd idea, it really shouldn’t be. At LoveFest weekend, there will be a Self Love Project booth and restroom love notes section where you can write about how much you love and appreciate yourself.

Live art 

To make the weekend more fun and meaningful, there will be selected local artists who will create art at the venue. Snap some photos and post on your Instagram with the official hashtag: #I❤️

Awesome kicks

With Converse as a partner brand for the night, expect to see the most eye-catching and coolest kicks at the event. 

See you at LoveFest Weekend at let’s all celebrate the power of self-love together. 

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