What To Eat And Drink For A Boost Of Productivity In The Office

What To Eat And Drink For A Boost Of Productivity In The Office

Typing emails, creating decks, answering phone calls, taking down notes, talking to supervisors, and emotionally pulling yourself together 8 hours a day, 5 times a week definitely takes a toll on you. Some days you’re just not as sharp or as connected to your job as usual. Sometimes you even feel the need to take a discreet nap break inside the office comfort room–one of the many signs your body is telling you to slow down.

When situations like this happen, you have food to save the day. No, we’re not talking about stress eating. We’re talking about eating and drinking the right food and liquids to whip you back into productivity.

Coffee: enhances mood and memory


Aside from caffeine that keeps you awake for approximately 4 hours (tip: add a teaspoon of butter or coconut oil for a longer effect), this office pantry staple also contains a cupful of dopamine. Dopamine enhances your mood and boosts your memory. It helps you plan ahead, resist impulses, and prevent eyelid spasms.

We recommend: B.A.D.’s Iced Americano (90 Php) for a solid caffeine kick

Berries: boosts long-term memory


Blueberries and strawberries contain antioxidants that fight oxidative stress and function as anti-inflammatory agents. This helps fight brain aging. Also, if you eat it with oil-rich nuts (ex. walnuts, avocados) it keeps the brain cell membranes “youthfully flexible.”

We recommend: The freshest berries you can find in the supermarket.

Eggs: speeds up reaction time


Do you have days when you’re just too slow–both in mind and body? Pop a sunny side egg on your order or eat an eggy dish to soak in the Choline, a B-vitamin, that eggs give. Aside from enhancing memory, it works double time to stimulate your brain’s reactive sensors.

We recommend: B.A.D.’s Eggs Benny (280 Php) for an eggxiting and tasty meal while working

Salmon: improve recall, reasoning, focus


Salmon is known for omega 3 fatty acids that improve overall mental performance. Because of an overall healthy brain, it’s ideal if you need to focus on a task and lessen chances of depression.

We recommend: B.A.D.’s Smoked Salmon Salad (350 Php) to keep you on fire

Milk and dark chocolate: aid in verbal and visual memory, and stress


Here’s another reason to eat chocolate: it keeps you hella productive. Plus, it fits right in your purse or pocket. Milk chocolate improves verbal and visual memory while the caffeine in dark chocolate boosts your mood. Also, dark chocolate has magnesium, a natural stress reliever, so it’s literally your happy pill (bar?) in the office.

We recommend: AURO’s Fine Chocolate Bars (Starts at 120 Php) for a bar of productivity

Bananas: boosts energy


If we have eggs, of course, we also have bananas. Bananas keep everything exciting at the workplace by providing you with glucose good to last you the whole day. It gives you the energy boost perfect for afternoon slumps. It also keeps you fuller for longer, so this the healthier snack to munch

We recommend: Bananas you find literally everywhere (10 Php) for a healthy mind boost

Garlic: productivity superingredient


Garlic is the underrated superfood you can find both in the kitchen and in every restaurant’s menu. Garlic treats cases of flu, colds, and acne. It lowers blood temperature, cholesterol levels, and risks of cancer. It’s also a good source of antioxidants which improves the brain long-term.
Caution: if you haven’t noticed, this gives you bad breath–but that’s also helpful if you don’t want anyone to approach you when you’re trying to finish something.

We recommend: B.A.D.’s Chillaxsilog (250 Php) for a huge dose of taste and benefits

Now that you have an idea how to fix your productivity woes at the office, which task are you motivated to finish next? We suggest that report you’ve been pushing aside since the start of the month. We’re rooting for ya!

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