What Exactly Is Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio?

What Exactly Is Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio?

 What Exactly Is Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio?

Okay, let’s do this. We have shared with you before that Mercury retrograde, an astrological event happens when Mercury slows down and it appears as if it is moving in reverse. During this time, most people fear everything unknown and also everything that they know. Mercury is the planet that rules over our communication, thinking, and trading skills. Last November 10, Mercury went direct in Scorpio. 

What does this mean for all of us? Shit is about to get loose. Okay fine we’re kidding but Scorpio is a fixed water sign. They like mystery, intimate connections, revealing deeper truths, and transformations. Scorpios know how to get under your skin and peel all of it until you have got nothing to hide but you should not be afraid. Retrogrades are not always scary.  As much as it is used as the perfect excuse to basically anything that goes wrong during this season, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is actually good for you. 

See this. Everything that we have said about retrogrades like reevaluating, reflecting, re-assessing, are all valid points but you also have to take into consideration if this is showing your authentic self. 

This retrogrades is one of the rarest since it only happens 13 times every century. The last one happened on November 8, 2006. You sure are lucky to be living in a time like this! During this season, you should be ready to penetrate those underlying feelings and create some minor changes in your life’s long standing patterns. 

Take the awesome chance of baring it all until December 9, when Mercury leaves Scorpio. It’s like losing your inhibitions but you are still sober. Amazing right? 

The most affected signs during this season are the Fire and Water signs. Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces can start creating small changes that will ripple into great heights. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will have to sacrifice their personal desires for the good of many. It might be quite a challenge but showing support for others will make this season more fruitful for you. 

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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is the time for you to figure out what it is that you truly want. Once you find out if you are aligned with your truth, everything else just follows. 

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