What A Love Language Is and What It Means For You

What A Love Language Is and What It Means For You

What Is A Love Language and What It Means For You

There are a lot of different ways people love and want to be loved. Often times, we think we are with the right person, they are good, they have not done anything to hurt you, but you always feel like something is missing. Some people invest in actually getting to know what kind of lover they are what kind of love they want to give and need in return. This is what we’ll share with you today as we all discover love languages! 

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A love language is basically a profile that tells you the ranking of the 5 ways love is expressed. By knowing the ranking of yours and your partner’s you can discover why sometimes you efforts do not work or do work. 

Words of Affirmation

When you like your emotions being validated or when your partner feels better when you comfort them with a phone call or a long message, your love language could actually be words of affirmation. This is when you or your partner try to make each other feel secure when you converse. Telling them you love them or how great they are as a person is a good start to show this. 


Acts Of Service 

You’ll never know how much that one errand you ran for your special someone is deeply appreciated. You could be very busy and yet your partner took some time to cook food for you or put your clothes in the laundry. It could even be as simple as filling up your gas tank because you had a special meeting that you have to run to. This is expressed when there are no words asked but the deed is automatic. 


Receiving of Gifts 

This is our guilty pleasure but we should not be ashamed of that! Some people really appreciate well thought of gifts. It’s true when they say it’s the thought that counts because indeed it does. Knowing that you or your partner had time to think and effort to spare might mean very little to you but is deeply moving for your lover. 


Quality Time

Having some alone time together drinking at a bar without your friends, driving to a destination, or simply by being together without talking could express how important quality time is. The moments and memories shared together are always cherished and the time spent is never too long or too short. 


Physical Touch

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Last but not the least is physical touch. Holding hands, kissing, or even just by sitting beside each other can express your language of love. You know you are loved when your partner is affectionate and they know that your love is real when you welcome them with your warm hugs. 

Excited to know what your love language is? Get your answers thru this link : Know your love language! 

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