What Gin Based Drink To Get Depending On Your Mood

What Gin Based Drink To Get Depending On Your Mood

Did you know that you can order up a drink based on your current mood? Whether you’re nursing a hangover or celebrating a big win, ordering gin will never be a wrong choice.

  1. When You’re Trying to Avoid the Calories

Go to drink: The classic Gin and Tonic.

No contest that the Gin and Tonic is the healthiest thing you can order. Gin paired up with a diet tonic only has 59 calories so you can still go out and enjoy that buzz without the guilt.

2. When You’re Feeling Fancy

Go to drink: The old-fashioned Martini.

Whether shaken or stirred, you’ll always feel like a billionaire with this drink.  Sophistication.

3. When You’re Looking to Pre-Game

Go to drink: Negroni.

It’s the perfect drink before dinner and an easy pre-game starter.

4. When You’re Out With the Girls

Go to drink: Pink Gin Prosecco Cocktail.

Strawberries, Prosecco, Gin and Lemonade = GNO drink!

5. When You’re Ballin’ and Looking to Celebrate

Go to drink: An elegant French 75

A mix of gin and champagne, you’ll definitely feel like you’re on top of the world.

What’s your favorite gin-based drink? Share it with us in the comment box below!

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