What Gift to Give Based on Your Giftee’s Star Sign

What Gift to Give Based on Your Giftee’s Star Sign

Giving the perfect gift can be a headache. If you’re not sure what to give, we made a gift guide on the perfect gift to give based on your giftee’s star sign!



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Your Aries friend is more into experiences than material things. Maybe sponsor a cycling class that he/she has always wanted to try! Or, get a gift card from a barbershop or salon for some R&R that will recharget this busy star sign!


This star sign has a special relationship with the Earth. Scout of eco-friendly items like canvas bags or metal straws that your Taurus friend can use everyday. You can also try giving them a desk plant! They’re natural green thumbs!


While others may love one huge item, Gemini likes things in sets (afterall, this sign does come in a pair). A notepad with a set of colored pens, a mug with a pack of hot choco, or a soap and lotion set should do the trick! Or you can also try a box with the elements that will make up the best G&T!


Give this friend a blast from the past! Anything antique or vintage will make this friend happy. Try anything from a thrift shop or cook/bake something with a recipe that was passed down through generations!


Lions are considered to be the King of the Jungle, so this star sign expects nothing less than the best. A good bottle of wine, a gift card to their fave store, or a pair of designer jeans is the perfect gift for this sign!


Born to be mysterious, Virgos are hard to please when it comes to gift-giving. While their tastes and likes might be a secret, Virgos generally like anything linked to wellness. Sponsor a yoga class, get some GCs from his/her fave smoothie shop, or better yet, get them a solo blender for those DIY smoothies! Healing stones will also be appreciated!


Unlike Virgos, Libras are easy to please. They’re known to appreciate the thought behind your gift than the gift itself. However, don’t be fooled, they will re-gift your gift if they see no use for it. For this sign, opt for artisan goodies that come in cute packaging so once they finish the food, they still have the box to remember you by!


Scorps love mystery, psychology, and the unknown wonders of the world. They’re possibly read this article now! Give them some healing gemstones or an astrology 101 book so they can know more about themselves and the ~great beyond~.


Sags are naturally adventurous, everyday is a new chapter waiting to be written for them. Give them the gear to complete their adventures. A useful travel book, a daily planner, a passport holder, or a travel organizer will surely make them happy.


Caps are very brand-conscious and self-indulgent. Gift that are all about pampering and luxury  are the best for this star sign. Schedule a mani-pedi session, or a trip to a fancy barber shop, or a box of truffle chocolates will make any Cap happy!


Born to be one with the water, this star sign will appreciate anything that will connect them to their element. Anything they can use in the bathroom (skincare, artisan soaps) will do the trick. If you want something more experiential, go schedule a day trip to the nearest beach with your fave Aquarius!


Anything handmade will make this star sign glad. It doesn’t have the break the bank, as long as it’s handmade (by you or by buy!) it’ll be something this sign will love forevs! Visit your local Christmas bazar to check our handwoven bags and pouches, or get some handmade fruit preserve and match with artisan bread!

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