What Drinks To Get At Yes, Please! Based On Your Feels

What Drinks To Get At Yes, Please! Based On Your Feels

What Drinks To Get At Yes, Please! Based On Your Feels

Seasons change but awesome places remain the same. Along with those fluctuating feelings, preferences, favourites, and even tastes begin to differ. As much as consistency is the secret recipe to any lasting bond, spicing things up can keep us coming back for more and that is exactly what we can all expect from Yes, Please! Along with their anniversary, amazing gourmet menu, they have created 14 new drinks that can make us all feel tingly on the inside. Check out the perfect movie & drink to get based on the current emotion you are feeling!

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When You’re Feeling Scared or Seeking Thrill

Jurassic Park

If you’re the type to try out new things and are not afraid when it bites you back, Jurassic Park is an herbaceous drink with a tinge of sweetness. You’ll never know what bit you when you taste that fresh Becherovka matched with basil infused Hine VSOP. 


With a drink so straightforward, everything else after it is extraordinary. The taste of Mancino Rosso Vermouth will envelop your mouth with a bitterness that you can’t forget. Enjoy at your own risk. It’s complexity is simply covered by it’s simplicity. 

Blair Witch Project

For those who are not easily frightened, getting lost in the taste of rye whiskey is yet another gut wrenching experience you can take. You fright will surely be soothed by the dried mango infusion you wouldn’t even know was there. Careful what you wish for, scary things don’t always show themselves. 


When You’re Feeling Sad Or Emotional

Dazed & Confused 

Screwdriver done right and with respect to our favourite teen blockbuster. Be sure not to miss the Ketel One Vodka infused with orange peel, cardamom, & cloves. That long finish in your mouth does you and your favourite hit the justice you both deserve. Get ready to feel all feels, and the warmth that comes after every swig. 

Magic Kingdom

Being emotional can also be a positive thing! Feel the magic just like Dahlia with this sweet, tropical, and creamy concoction made with Plantation Dark Rum, coconut milk, & Pandan syrup. Nothing says tropical better than this!


When You Are Feeling Good or Happy

Free Willy

After accomplishing so many things on a long and busy day, grab yourself your one way ticket to a refreshing ride. Jump into the cool ocean waters with Tanqueray Gin, blue curacao, lychee liqueur, and a splash of coconut water. A long dip in the water is truly a great way to end a hectic day!

Forrest Gump

Life has its ups and downs and they must always be celebrated. Just like his box of chocolates, this drink is full of flavour and will make you think about how your life has been. Started out as a Martini Rosso infused with cacao nibs, stirred with macadamia syrup, creole bitters, and Maker’s Mark Bourbon, choosing which flavour to savor can make you go hmm. 

Home Alone

You’ll never see the end of it! Stay up all night, with your friends, with your family, or alone when you order this cocktail. Suntory Whisky, a shot of espresso, coffee liqueur, salted caramel syrup, and vanilla bitters shaken together is nothing short of a Christmas party.

Pretty Woman

When you are feeling like a million dollars, this is the perfect match for you. We twisted and turned your local Gin Bramble for those days that you feel like 400%. Tanqueray Gin mixed with raspberry cordial, lemon juice, chinato and topped with egg whites can give you that sweet and sour goodness of a perfect day. Cheers to the good life!


When You Need A Boost Of Confidence


Just a hint of loud, mixed with a dose of fun, and a splash of everything green and yellow! Try this pick-me-up when you need a push on any day! The lime infused Ketel One Vodka blended with sauvignon blanc, green apple syrup, and cucumber juice is sure to get you in the zone and back to your a-game. It comes in a slush form and without judgments. 


Low in ABV (alcohol content by volume) but definitely worth having. It’s so light you won’t even notice the kick of confidence an inspiration. A simple suvignon blanc mixed with Aperol, lemongrass syrup, and topped with calamansi juice. It’s all that sass matched with all that class!


Pulp Fiction

Feel the vibe of owning your own persona. Having your own flavour keeps you interested and not needing to impress anybody. Stir Monkey Shoulder scotch with cherry coke syrup, lemon juice, mint leaves, and refresh that mix with tonic water and voila. The freshest recipe for wild child in you!


When You’re Feeling Adventurous

Space Jam

Get ready for the game of your life. Feel like a kid again when you taste that strawberry puree, banana liqueur, lime, and Jose Cuervo. It’s your childhood mixed with a fruity and refreshing taste. Remember the good times and get excited to dive into a new cosmos!

Men In Black 

Needing a little spontaneity, that won’t make you forget your night? Here’s a taste of the Earthiness of black sesame infused Jim Beam, honeyed activated charcoal syrup, citrus juices topped with ginger and black ice. Don’t let the tangy-ness fool you. This drink is a crowd favourite just like how black is for anyone and everyone. 


Feeling thirsty yet? Indulge in Yes, Please! New movie drinks depending on what mood you’re in. Have fun and get to know yourself and your friends better!

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