We Need New Music From These Artists And We Need It Now

We Need New Music From These Artists And We Need It Now

Headphones on and discovering some new music is always a treat!

But of course, a little bit of the throwback tunes is always a pleasure as well! We can’t help but wonder when will some of these artists release any new tracks. 2018 will truly be a good year if we get new tracks or even an album from our favorite artists that haven’t been out with new music in a while, right? We list down artists we are terribly missing:


Leona Lewis



We bet that Bleeding Love was your jam at some point in your life! We’ll say you’re lying if you said otherwise. Leona Lewis was such an amazing singer, with another hit Better In Time, that is truly a heartbreak anthem. We definitely need more of that!




Don’t get me wrong, ANTI, released in 2016 was such a great album and we can definitely give this a listen for the rest of our lives. And of course, BadGalRiri hasn’t been out of the spotlight, with Fenty slaying the whole makeup, and now lingerie, industry. But I think it’s about time she releases some new singles! We’re sure it’s worth the wait.


Kanye West



Kanye West may have gone crazy these past months, but are we even surprised? That aside, we know he makes really good music! Life of Pablo was life-changing and we can’t wait what he’ll do to top that. Good news is he is set to release, not just one, but two albums this June. And one is even featuring Kid Cudi!

The Royal Concept


This indie-pop band is set to release some new tunes in the next few months and we are excited! They make music that will have you dancing in the first few seconds. We need more of that good vibes music, don’t you think?


Who remembers Fun?! Weren’t they top-charting artists? Their singles we’re actually those jams that you want to scream at the top of your lungs with your closests friends! That’s definitely the type of songs we want more of in our playlists! We’ll definitely wait for them to release new songs!

Avril Lavigne

We all went through that punk phase in high school, right? All thanks to our girl, Avril Lavigne, she made it look so cool! With cool songs to go with it too! She even had some sad songs that are relatable too. Our teenage hearts would be living if she released some new tracks anytime soon.

The Civil Wars


There are days when we want to listen to some mellow jams. One of our go-to artists for that is The Civil Wars. Some songs will make you cry and some will make you want to fall in love. We need more for our respective playlists! They are rumored to release a new album this year, though. So we just have to wait it out.

A Rocket To The Moon

We’re sure you remember this band! Along with other punk-pop bands like The Maine and All Time Low, A Rocket To The Moon was such a hit! Feel good music you can just sing along to, and rock it out is always something we like jamming to. We think this band needs to get back in the music making scene and bring us back to 2010 or something.



Well, Coldplay, has a special place in everyone’s hearts and no one will forget them because of their iconic songs. But it’s been a while and we really need more of those songs that will make us sing out loud, dance along and maybe even cry along to!  We miss you Coldplay!

Alicia Keys

Another queen in the industry that we’ve been missing! This hit-maker has given us some of the hottest tracks that we’ll probably listen to til the end of time. We’re sure she has a lot more up her sleeve, and we can’t wait for her to give it to us! Slay us Alicia!

We’re glad that some of the artists in this list is set to release some new new this year! We are honestly excited to hear new music! Which artist are you missing and need music from? Share it with us below!

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