Ways To Hang Out With The Barkada Even While on Enhanced Community Quarantine

Ways To Hang Out With The Barkada Even While on Enhanced Community Quarantine

Strict social distancing means you probably can’t go out on an impromptu clubbing night at places like BAD or Revel with your friends–at least, until the community quarantine period is over. If you find yourself missing the homies terribly from home, there are still a lot of ways you can bond thanks to the internet! 


Schedule an e-numan session. 

If you can’t meet out in the open, why not meet and drink through a video call? A bunch of drinking games can still work through this platform, especially the classic “Never Have I Ever.” We recommend using apps or services like Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Discord or FB Messenger. 


Video call your friends even if you’re working from home. 

You guys don’t have to chikka all the way! Just seeing your friends online and having them check on you from time to time can make you feel less lonely while you’re chasing deadlines from home. 


Compete in an online barkada cook-off! 

How can you make an online lunch or dinner more interesting? Put a little competition in it! Document your recipes in real time and try to come up with the most impressive dish among your friends’ creations! 


Play online games with them. 

If you’re the type of friend group to schedule regular tabletop sessions, there are a lot of ways for you to still play as a barkada! Check out games like Dungeons and Dragons, Words with Friends, Animal Crossing, or party packs you can purchase like Jackbox. 


Schedule a movie night via Netflix Party. 

The Google Chrome extension is totally free and you can stream any movie available on Netflix to anyone you can share a link with! Plus, this is a great way to experience your favorite movies with your friends in real time. 


Party with the Palace DJs through their livestream.

Let loose and party with your friends from the comfort of your own home! Jam to the latest EDM beats courtesy of the Palace Manila’s resident DJs.


All of these are great ways to bond with your friends online, but don’t forget to see them in person and check up on them when it’s finally safe for all of us to go out. Just remember that your friendship with your own group is as solid as ever, and not even a pandemic can change that.

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