The new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally arrived and fans (old and new alike) are going cray over the gorgeous and slightly spoiler-y teaser. Disney gave fans a first look at Director Rian Johnson’s latest installment to the timeless franchise during Monday Night Football’s halftime show. Says it best, Yoda does:

If you’re a hardcore fan and you want to “come in clean,” you might want to look away (and risk missing this gorgeous AF trailer). At the end of the previous installment, Force Awakens, Rey finally meets Luke Skywalker to begin her training as a jedi. In this trailer, we get a sneak peek at how her Jed-ucation (LOL) is going. We also see snippets of Kylo Ren piloting his fighter, hesitating before blasting his mom’s Resistance ship. Top it all off with awesome visuals and heart-thumping duels and confrontations enough to make my geek heart hurt.

Watch it here:

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