You want (read as need) to unwind with the squad, but got no time for cross-country clubbing? Or maybe a curfew imposed by the parental units (or, in Nico Bolzico’s case, a superstar wifezilla)? Don’t worry, Cinderella, you got The Palace to help you /ESCAPE!

This funny clip has our August SceneZoned cover boy racing against time to get #turnt before he turns back into a “pumpkin”. Fortunately, he has his trusty pals Mond and Erwan, to help him /ESCAPE for a while. He goes through drinks, dancing, DJ-spinning, and even his own dream wardrobe transformation (except it’s a rabbit suit instead of a ballgown), before the Solenn clock strikes “Go home na!”. Our boi Nico shows us that all hardworking Cinderellas deserve some down time at The Palace (get it).

Watch it here:



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