Was It A Heartbreak or Was It A Hurt Ego?

Was It A Heartbreak or Was It A Hurt Ego?

I saw this post from Melody Hansen on Instagram that says Am I Hurt Because My Heart Broke A Little or Was It My Ego? And then the caption said something about how our minds need tough questions to get stronger. And this post had me reflecting on past relationships, especially non-official ones, but a relationship all the same. So how can you tell if your heart is broken or if your ego was just hurt? Here’s what we think are tell on signs:

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Our minds need good questions to get stronger.

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Crazy IG Stalking

I dated this guy this year for a couple of months. It was fun while it lasted, so when things ended I was really sad about it for weeks. Then I would hear stories of new girls he’s been flirting with and went crazy stalking mode on Instagram (LOL, let’s be honest). I was so fixated at these girls. How they looked like, how cool their adventures and hobbies are (from the looks of it on IG, of course), and kept wondering what the F did they have that I don’t? That got me picking at my insecurities and pondering on what are the cools thing I do? Cool things I’ve done? Am I interesting enough? I felt boring. It was so mentally draining comparing yourself and having to compete – when no one even asked you to! Around this time is when I saw this post, so I thought to myself – maybe it is my ego! Because it’s over, and I felt like I should see him sad like how I was sad, but he wasn’t. 

Missing The Attention Not The Person

He stopped minding me, and then minded me again, and then not again – it became a cycle. That when you feel like okay things are alright, he suddenly takes it back and then you start overthinking every little thing again. And I would keep thinking WHY ARE YOU NOT MINDING ME! And well I knew then that somewhat my ego was hurt because I’m not chosen or I wasn’t being minded. If that makes any sense.

Wanting More of The Experiences

Sometimes you miss the potential of the relationship and the experiences and memories you had with this person. So if you keep on wanting more, even if you already know you’re over. It might just be that experience, not the person. 

Ignoring All The Red Flags

I recently listed down the red flags to my best friend and then realized “wow I’m so dumb, I already know all of this yet I’m still here.” It’s just that I wanted to be remembered and wanted. But not really want that person back. So if you see yourself doing this then it’s probably your ego. 

But anyway, lessons to learn from this one is DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.  It really isn’t worth the mental and emotional stress you give yourself especially when you realize a lot of things. Also, a bunch of other tough questions for all of us that goes well with realizing your worth or what you want out of this. What if that guy wasn’t who you really wanted? What if you wanted the potential of a relationship? What if you just wanted the attention (or miss it)? What if it is just your ego? A lot of factors. A lot of thinking. But who knows. Maybe I got my heart a little broken too, since I could honestly say I liked him a lot. And the memories were great. But that’s that. 

What are your thoughts on relationships? Broken hearts and hurt egos? Share it with us below and make a discussion! 

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