Wander with Marc Naval and Navigate the Waters of Love

Wander with Marc Naval and Navigate the Waters of Love

Wander with Marc Naval and Navigate the Waters of Love

No one know when or how we can all move forward in this new kind of world we live in. We all try to survive and get by through reincorporating our old habits into our new ones. This also applies on how we make connections with others and how we nurture the relationships we already have. It’s never easy to soften up or open up to people especially now that most of us have been used to alone time or staying in our comfort zones. As we go along 2020, we all have learned that creating connections and relating to others can still be done even on a virtual platform.

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Join Marc Naval as he leads us all in navigating the Wandering Waters of Love. At a time that compassion and empathy is needed the most, one thing we can all share to each other that won’t cost us anything is the love we have. Love for life, for our friends, for our families, our countrymen, the people around us, the environment, and most importantly the love for ourselves.

On July 31, Friday, the fun starts at 9:30 PM featuring Marc Naval’s most loved hits and with a special MC to spice up the night, our very own MC Pao will be there to get us jumpin’ and pumpin’ even at the corners of our home. Party for a cause and spread the love because all proceeds of the initiative will be donated to the Covid-19 relief efforts of the City of Taguig. Have fun and enjoy creating great memories with your favourite Palace DJ!

Make sure to invite your friends. prepare the best sound system you have, get your birthday suits on, put on some shoes, order your drinks and Experience The Palace at Home! Take a step back from the week and create new love and new friendships this Friday!

Excited? Let us know your outfit ideas in the comments below!

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