Valentine’s Date Ideas that Won’t Break The Bank!

Valentine’s Date Ideas that Won’t Break The Bank!

Let’s face it. That pay day that just passed might have possibly saved you from not having a budget for the upcoming Valentine’s Day but your stubborn self just kept swiping that debit on last Friday’s clubbing shenanigan. We don’t blame you! We have all been there. Here’s a few tips to go by if you only have a few bucks to spend.

Spend Valentine’s Day a Day Early or Late

It would not hurt to spend your date on the 13th or the 15th. Most places are going to be packed on V-day itself. This helps you save on an accidental Valet parking, extra expensive grab rates, and avoiding the traffic. Most establishments extend their discounts on these days anyway. 

Look for the Real Deal

Find places where you can score a couple’s deal. There will be a lot of places doing buy one get ones. All you have to do is prepare early before the big day. There are also restaurant booking apps that give out buy one get one discounts and special offers. Valentine’s Day is not a national holiday so the discount codes should be valid. These really come in handy when you are desperate!

Have a Picnic Date

Find a location with a view and set-up your date there. It’s totally romantic, full of effort, and you can show off your cooking skills or your mom’s. This helps you stick with your budget and your photos are going to be gorgeous.

Eat out in One of Those Unli Places

Unli food is a bang for your buck. You are sure that you and your date are going to be full from the meal that all you wanna do is shake off the busog.

Pre-Budget for Valentine’s Day

It takes a ton of research to be able to figure out how you are able to squeeze out of your budget what’s just enough for everything you want to do on this very special day. Pre-budgeting helps you avoid overspending and you will have just enough for the night and possibly for the coming dates after.

And If You Are Single but Ready to Mingle..

Going out on a group date is fun and hella cheap! You can do tandem orderings with your friends and go partying after or you can do both! Other single peeps will do the same for sure, so you have more chances of winning. Party at B.A.D with your pals this 14th for the best Valentine’s of your life! 

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day? Sound off in the comments below!

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